12 Picnic Essentials

A beautiful day with pleasant weather calls for a picnic with family and friends. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t enjoy a day out? However, as fun, as it sounds, a picnic involves a lot of planning. Apart from the necessities, including food, water, picnic basket, and a blanket; there are a few more essentials which ought to be carried.

We often tend to forget essential items while packing for a picnic. The last-minute rush gets to all of us, and that is completely fine. Here, in this article, we have put down some of the essential picnic essentials. These items will help in enhancing your overall picnic experience.

So, let us now dive into the list of picnic essentials:

Picnic Essentials

Picnic Mats

A picnic mat made using high-quality waterproof material is a must for any picnic. It provides a comfortable seating place for you and your family when spread out on the ground. The size of the mat should be large enough to seat all the members of the picnic.

A light-weight, foldable mat with convenient straps and handles is preferred. These features enable you to store and carry it around easily. Also, the mat should be durable and easy to clean for your convenience.

Picnic Baskets

A picnic basket is used to carry all the required foodstuff for the picnic. You can opt for a basket made of jute, polypropylene, or good quality plastic. There are different styles and designs of picnic baskets for you to choose from. The aesthetic design should match your style and preference.

The basket should be spacious enough for storing all the essential items conveniently. A light-weight basket with a comfortable handle will be easy to lift and carry.

Paper Plates, Cups and Cutlery

Along with food items and beverages, do not forget to carry paper plates and cutlery, including spoon and fork. Paper plates and cups will be needed to serve food and beverages. They are easier to store and carry in the picnic basket.

Ensure that the plates, cups, and cutlery are made using bio-degradable material. This makes it safe to dispose of. It also saves you the hassle of having to carry the used utensils back home for washing.


Picnic with family and friends is a memorable experience which ought to be remembered. Cameras help you capture these memories so that you can relive them whenever you wish. You can carry a DSLR, point, and shoot or a digital camera along with you.

An instant camera is also a great choice. It will help you click high-resolution images and also provides you the instant print of the pictures. On the other hand, you can vlog your entire picnic day using a vlogging camera.

It is essential to carry your camera and accessories in the right camera bag to ensure safety. Consider factors like the lens, resolution, compact size, and type of the camera before making a purchase.

Power Bank

This is an essential accessory that will help you charge your smartphone, tablet, or camera when required. You may not have a power source for charging your electronic devices outdoors. A power bank will serve as a handy portable device. It is compact and light-weight in size, allowing you to carry it in your backpack easily.

Ensure that the power bank comes with long battery life. Also, carry a USB cable along with you. There are different types of power banks available in the market. The power bank you choose to buy should be compatible with your device.

It is also essential to consider factors like certifications, LED indicator, and temperature sensor before purchase. A power bank with an LED display and waterproof design is highly preferred. Also, a high mAh rating ensures a higher capacity of the power bank.

Cool Bags and Chillers

A picnic is incomplete without food, snacks, and your favorite beverages. However, there is always a fear of spoilage of your food because of the heat. Cool bags and chillers are light-weight, compact, and easy to carry around. They manage to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh while traveling.

These are convenient options that come with easy to clean interiors. Hence, it is safe to store your food and drinks in a cool bag. Chillers and cool kits are available in different styles and designs. There are three versatile types of chillers and cool kits, namely, soft-sided, hard-sided, and electric cooler.

Choose a type based on your intended use and requirement. You should consider factors like the size of the cooler. A bulky and large cooler will be challenging to carry. Ensure that it has a sturdy and durable construction along with a superior insulation performance.

Thermos Bottle

Milton Stylish-500 Thermosteel Water Bottle

A thermos bottle will enable you to store and carry your favorite beverage to the picnic. The insulation technology of the bottle retains the temperature of the liquid. Hence, you can get to enjoy your desired hot or cold drink. It can also store fresh drinking water.

The thermos bottle you decide on should have a heat retention capacity for up to 24 hours. A light-weight and compact design will allow you to travel with it easily. Moreover, opt for a stainless steel bottle that is durable and sturdy. The reflective steel will prevent the heat from escaping.

Consider critical points such as capacity, design, construction, and warranty of the thermos bottle, before making a purchase. The bottle should be easy to clean for your convenience. A clean bottle will be free from odor and germs. Also, ensure that the lid has a spill-proof design with a proper locking system.

Baby Wipes

If you are going for a picnic along with a child, carry baby essentials like baby wipes. It helps in the efficient cleaning of your baby to maintain overall health and hygiene. There are many benefits associated with the use of baby wipes. They can be easily carried in your diaper bag or backpack for emergencies.

Ensure that the wipes are made using non-toxic, environment-friendly material that is safe to use. Avoid opting for a wipe that comes with synthetic fragrance since it is a source of phthalates. Also, consider the size and thickness of the wipe before making a purchase.

Baby Essentials

You will need to carry a list of baby essentials if you are taking a baby for the picnic. It is important to pack certain items such as baby wipes, diapers, milk formula, feeding bottle, etc. in your baby diaper bag. Your baby also needs protection from the sun so carry a stroller with a hood and a sunscreen lotion.

If you plan on traveling to the picnic location by car, install a baby car seat. It enables your child to travel in comfort and safety.

Toys and activity books will keep your kid entertained, ensuring him or her a fun-filled playtime. Also, a baby carrier will enable you to carry your child with comfort and ease.

Dog Essentials

You will have to carry a list of dog essentials if you plan on taking your pet dog along with you. You can use a pet carrier to travel to the picnic spot with your dog.

Remember to pack food for your furry friend as well. Dry food is a better option for travel purposes for the prevention of a messy situation. On the other hand, wet food is more palatable and provides a sufficient amount of water to their diet.

Treats are a great way of showing him or her love. These can also be given as a reward for good behavior. The dog food and treats should be nutritionally balanced and healthy.

Picnic means fun and games with family and friends. Hence, carry toys for your pet dog of different types, including balls, rope toys, chew toys, and others. Ensure that you consider all the necessary factors of the different types of dog essentials before you make a choice.


Weather is unpredictable; it can change from being sunny to cloudy in no time. Hence, it is always advisable to carry an umbrella along with you. An umbrella will protect you and your family from severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and the scorching sun.

Umbrellas fall under two categories, namely- collapsible and non-collapsible umbrellas. There are different types and styles of umbrella which come under these categories. A big size umbrella is a preferred choice during picnics. It has the capacity of protecting many people from severe weather conditions.

The umbrella should be made using stainless steel rods, nylon, and polyester. These materials ensure strength and durability to withstand the harsh impact. Also, it should be easy to carry around. Consider factors such as the mode of operation; an automatic function is easier to open and close while a manual function will require more effort.

Barbecue Grills:

There are different types of barbecue grills available in the market today, including grilled sandwich makers, stove-top pan grill, and others. These are popular for picnics. A barbecue grill helps in grilling and preparing delicious food for friends and family. It also allows you to bond over good food.

Ensure that it comes with detachable or fold-able legs. This makes it easy to store and move around. The heat should be adjustable to cater to your requirements. Also, ensure that it comes with safety features like heat resistant handles, indicator lights, and auto-shutoff. It prevents unwanted injuries.


The list covers all the essential picnic essentials. We conclude this article, hoping that you find all the required items for a splendid day out with your family and friends. Hope this helps!

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