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Best Android Tablets in Market

We have reviewed the best Android tablets, including gaming and multi-media tablets from brands like Samsung, Lenovo, etc. Want a device to stay on track with office work that has features like smooth gaming experience, word processing, media exchange, internet, apps, multitasking, etc. all on a large screen? An Android Tablet serves them all. They […]

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360 Degree Camera

360-degree cameras are the latest babies in the photography world. With the ability to capture light from all angles, they provide a magnificent panoramic view of the visual field and produce spherical images as well as videos. Most media sites like Facebook and Youtube have started accepting 360-degree content. With it, you can edit your photos […]

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Best Cameras Under INR 10000

Photography is an art in our lives to capture many great occasions. We could see the interest in photography getting higher in this contemporary world. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat brings outs the significance of camera feature as every picture tells a story. The camera once as an item, which is seen only on rare […]

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Best Action Cameras to Capture Adventures

Action cameras, when mounted on your helmet or bicycle, can help you record all your adventurous activities. Here are the reviews of the best action cameras of different types, including cylindrical, rectangular, and mini-action cameras, from brands like GoPro, SJCam, Xiaomi, and others. An Action Camera is just as normal as any regular camera but has more […]

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Best Android Phones

With the headway in technology, owning a smartphone is not a big thing nowadays. They have created a very important space in our lives without which we cannot comprehend or imagine our lives. Today they are our own one-stop destination for entertainment, work, reading books, locating places and so on and so forth. Hence, in […]

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