Best Office Stationery

An office is a place of business where a number of things keep happening, and it is important to have the right office stationery available.These help us in a number of ways from taking notes, organising papers, sticking things etc. They help add to the decor of offices and are needed in any type of office.

There are a number of types of office stationery available, and each one is important in its own way as it is useful and makes office day to day chores easier.

Top 13 Office Stationery Products in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best ballpoint pen
Best scissor
Best print paper
Best print paper
Our best pick on adhesives
Versatile Product
Best pick on pins
Amazing paperweight
Best Guillotine paper cutter
Best Portable trimmer
Best multipurpose office tool
Best Office Stapler Machine
Best professional diary


Stapler machines

Staplers are an indispensable desktop tool that comes in handy when it comes to keeping related papers secured together. They are designed differently depending on the type and volume of papers they are meant to be used on.

Three main categories exist based on these designs, and these are: full, half and mini strip staplers. As expressed above, each type is appropriate for a particular quantity and type of paper.

Full strip staplers have the highest capacity as they can easily handle up to 50 sheets of 80gsm sized papers.

Half strip staplers represent the midrange capacity as they can handle up to 30 sheets.

Mini strip represents the lowest capacity, with its maximum volume limited to 18 sheets.

Staplers go together with pins which also exist in different sizes depending on the size of the stapler.

Staple Removers

Staple removers solve the formerly complex problem of removing staple pins from a bundled stack of papers.

Before its invention, people used to employ other crude methods like using a scissor, which was clumsy on the papers and dangerous as they often led to injuries.

Like stapler machines, removers occur in different sizes and capacities, which correspond to the wide variety of pins.

Paper Cutters

Paper cutters encompass all the tools used to make specific neat cuts or shapes out of papers for different purposes. They assist you in keeping things neat and professional while saving your limited time.

There are three main classes of cutters, and these are Trimmers, Scissors, and Guillotines.


Scissors have a lasting legacy as another indispensable tool when it comes to effective office paper management. In terms of office settings, two principle types exist, namely: straight and curved blade scissors. 

As indicated by the names, the former features prominent straight blades, whereas the latter incorporates curved blades.


Guillotines can be used on a wide range of papers, and they are particularly highly useful when you are looking to cut large quantities.

A defining feature is a long blade that you can push down while holding a handle at one end. This enables you to execute the cut in a quick downward shearing motion.

For a clean-cut, the machine comes with a clamp that assists with securing the paper in a proper position. Papers are not the only item that the guillotine can handle, as they can also be used to cut thicker materials such as cardboard.

Trimmers and Guillotines

Unlike guillotines, trimmers are appropriate for lower volumes of paper. They utilize a special rotary blade secured to a rail in such a way that it manoeuvres from one side of the paper to another while executing the cut with sheer precision.

Their superior precision makes them a great option for other items such as photos, business cards, and brochures. 

An additional advantage of trimmers is that they are generally safer and less involving as they eliminate the thrusting associated with guillotines.


When it comes to the office, glues take the lead as a major adhesive used for a range of purposes. A variety of glues can be used on different items such as papers, envelopes, glass, cardboard, etc.

Glues can be generic or specially adapted to work with specific surfaces. Popular types of glue include glue sticks, glue guns, rollers, and glue sprays.

Glue Sticks

These are some of the most effective and easy to apply, leading to their unparalleled popularity. They employ a twist or pull mechanism, which allows you to apply the glue without any contact.

They are usually washable, solvent-free, acid-free, non-toxic, and dyed. They also exist in a variety of sizes ranging from 11mm upwards.

Glue Roller

Glue rollers provide a clever solution for accurately applying glue from various sources, such as the glue stick. They also occur in a variety of sizes to cater for a wide range of paper sizes.

Glue Gun

Glue guns typically use a special type of glue known as hot glue, which has remarkable strength and applicability as it can adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

The hot glue is available as cylindrical plastic sticks, which are melted by the gun before being fired through the nozzle to the intended surface. As expected, glue guns also come in different sizes, with 12mm as the most common.

Glue Spray

Unlike thermoplastics and semisolid adhesives offered by glue sticks, glue sprays provide a liquid adhesive normally available in cans with varying volumes.

Typical sizes fall within 150-400 ml. The strength varies with different solutions, but most of them work wonders with a range of office needs, including art portfolios and some permanent or long term posters or other work-related posts.

Paper Clips

Paper clips provide a simple and yet utterly effective tool in managing a variety of office documents. Related paper or documents can easily be clipped together for classification or identification purposes and other more creative use cases.

They also occur in different shapes and sizes, as we will consider below.

Basic Paper Clip

These are the most popular and are mainly employed for the temporary clipping of basic papers and other related documents. They are generally cheap and are produced in a variety of colours.

The main advantages of basic clips are that they are easy to apply or remove and can be reused.

Fold Back Clip

These present another common clipping tool in office settings, especially when there are high quantities of paper involved. They feature a strong metal fold that can be adjusted to accommodate the thickness of the paper bundle.

Fold back clips are also available in different sizes, with 19mm as the commonest available size, holding up to 250 papers at once.


Though widely regarded as not much of a big deal, a pen is a surprisingly interesting device that occurs in different types, which are well-tailored to a variety of writing needs.

Some critical aspects are connected to each type, such as point size, ink type, and available colours.

These often make the difference between a comfortable writing experience and an inconvenience that adds to the stress of the work you are trying to complete.

Choosing the best pen for your needs starts with knowing the different types and the uniqueness they bring to the table. Therefore, let’s tread forth and discover some of the types of pens you are likely to encounter on the market.

Ballpoint Pens

This is perhaps the most popular type of pen across the globe. Key unique features are the ball roller mechanism and the oil-based ink it utilizes to achieve a fast-drying ink on the paper.

This frees the pen from smudging, which is prevalent in most of the other types. Another critical advantage this pen furnishes is that it has considerable ink efficiency compared with most types because the thicker ink allows for lesser ink per unit area.

Though this is a considerable advantage, it also comes with a risk of clumping as thicker ink is more likely to clump, especially in long writing sessions.

This makes them somewhat less ideal for prolonged writing periods, but if all you want to have is a simple device for regular use, it does offer an efficient and dependable option.

Rollerball Pens

This type of pen is based on a similar mechanism to ballpoint pens, except that it replaces the oil-based ink with water-based ink.

The advantage that the water-based ink offers is that it is less viscous, making it have a faster flow rate and an enhanced ability to dissolve in the paper. 

The enhanced flow rate eliminates the need for more pressure when writing, thus creating a smooth and relaxed writing process. Furthermore, the subtle texture of the output ink makes them ideal for text, which requires fine lines.

The water-soluble nature of the ink also allows for a wider variety of colours as it is easier to achieve a wider spectrum in water than in oil.

Compared to the previous type, they are better adapted for prolonged periods of writing. On the downside, they need more ink per unit area, which means they tend to run out of ink faster.

Gel Pens

These have a bit of both rollerball and ballpoint pens. The ink is predominantly water-based though its texture is somehow in the middle.

This eliminates the possibility of smudging while allowing for remarkably less viscosity, which means better ink-flow. This results in a combination of advantages offered by Rollerball and Ballpoint pens.

Another advantage they bring to the table is that they afford a wider range of colours due to their reliance on pigments, which can easily be manipulated to achieve different strains.

Since these pens are more of a hybrid of the previous two, they are considered superior and often come at a greater cost.


There are four major types of ink associated with markers based on the primary solvents used. These are pigment based, oil, water, and alcohol-based.

Inks, which are water or pigment-based, are appropriate for standard paper surfaces. Oil-based and alcohol inks are great for other media such as plastic, glass, and metal.

Markers also occur in different types depending on several properties. While some offer permanent ink, others are erasable, such as dry erase markers. Other types include highlighters and felt tip markers.

One aspect that markers address adequately is diversity, which is reflected in a variety of sizes and colours. This makes them a great tool for a wide range of uses, such as art and office work.

If you’re up for a tool to add special features to your text, such as highlighting, or something to use on a wide range of surfaces, these pens can efficiently perform the trick.


Pins prove handy in a variety of aspects related to document management. These include securing particular papers or documents on boards or simply securing some drawing papers on specialized drawing boards.

Push Pins

These are the most familiar in most circles. They consist of a small nail attached to a soft plastic covering at the back to provide for an easy push into the cardboard.

They have quite a wide range of use cases, including notices, pictures, important documents, checklists, and many other papers or documents.

They also come in different styles and colours to suit various tastes, and they come in varying quantities per pack depending on the brand’s preference.

Drawing Pins

These provide an older version of the necessary push pin and are commonly used in drawing circles to secure the drawing paper to the drawing board.

They are usually longer than push pins and have a flat head which serves as a pushing point for the thumb and a thin nail. They are usually available in 11mm sizes and varying quantities.

Apart from holding drawing paper, they also prove useful in other types of documents, including pictures, maps, cards, and strong enough to work on harder surfaces such as wood.

Indicator Pins

These are primarily used to mark designated points on charts, maps, and graphs. Their distinctive feature is a hexagonal head which can take different colours to be used for identification purposes.

They are also available in varying sizes ranging from 10-40mm. A typical pack comes with a total of 10 pins.

Marking Flags

This is, in essence, an indicator pin that has a flag instead of a hexagonal head. They usually come in quantities of 100 pieces pre-pack.

Correction markers

These are also known as ink erasers, and they are used to correct writing mistakes by removing the pen’s ink from the paper.

Two main types exist, and these include the older abrasive scrapers, which employ a physical machine where the ink is scraped off the surface with the aid of specially prepared abrasives.

New erasers mainly utilize chemical means where special solutions are used to dissolve the ink from the paper. These erasers physically remove the ink from the paper.

Printing papers

There are two main types of paper commonly used in offices: printing and writing paper. As the names indicate, the former is primarily used for printed characters, while the latter is mainly used for handwriting.

The main reason behind the different use cases is the composition of the two types of papers. The composition’s key defining feature is that printing paper is coated, whereas writing paper is uncoated.

The word “coated” relates to the fact that a printing paper’s surface is lined with what is known as a sealant. The sealant prevents the ink from being absorbed into the paper on top of affecting other physical qualities of the paper, including weight and texture.

By reducing the papers ability to absorb the ink, the sealant helps increase the overall clarity of the resultant image or text. The coat can also be specially treated to achieve various textures and visual effects, allowing for diverse types of papers available today.


Diaries serve the noble purpose of keeping you focused on tasks by functioning as a reminder for present and future tasks and being an excellent record keeper to inform your future endeavours.

There is a myriad of styles and types of corporate diaries online to serve a variety of tastes. However, answering the following basic questions will go a long way in helping you get the best diary for your needs.


Working with a pile of papers comes with its problems, and one of them is keeping your papers in order though there is a lot of shifting and moving.

Paperweights serve the simple purpose of keeping your papers aligned and intact by introducing a weighted object on top of the pile.

Any weighted object can qualify to perform this function, but what makes paperweights popular and unique is the decorative aspect they bring to the table.

There are numerous beautiful designs you can choose from to provide that motivational influence amid a hectic office day.

Buyer’s Guide For Office Stationery

How often will you need the item?

Some office items such as scissors and staplers are used daily according to the type of office work you will be doing. Only go for office stationery that you will actually need and use.


It is always important to keep a budget in mind and to buy items within your budget.

Decorative Purposes

Some office stationery can also work as decor as they help to brighten up your office space. Colourful sticky notes and sleek and smart looking staplers can do this. Think about if you want an item just for its use or to make your office look better as well.


Go for items that are similar to your style. You can get a number of products that will go with your existing office style related to the work you do.

1. Cello Fine grip Ball pen set 

Cello Fine grip Ball pen set
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Cello Fine grip ball pens are one of the most popular due to the reliability and comfort they afford in a variety of environments, be it schools or corporate circles.

They continue to score highly on reviews since their introduction in mid-2017, thus earning their place on our review. Let’s look at the highlights.

Main Features
  • Design and type: Ballpoint
  • Material: They come in a standard body made of transparent ABS plastic, which is lined by an Elasto grip close to the base to facilitate the writing grip
  • Tip size: The tip is 0.7 mm long, which is a standard size for a comfortable writing position
  • Quantity: One pack contains 25 items
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: They allow for an efficient writing process for high character clarity
  • Comfortable: They provide for a comfortable grip and ideal overall size
  • Cheap: They come with a modest price tag for a pack of 25 items
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The clarity may be below par when compared to other high-end handwriting devices
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2. Amazon multipurpose scissors 

Amazon multipurpose scissors
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AmazonBasics provide another valuable office tool to handle your document and other forms of paper cutting needs in this multipurpose scissor. It is a simple and yet effective tool that commands the highest regard from users and other models.

Main Features
  • Type: Straight blade scissor
  • Size: The dimensions measure a rather portable 9.7 x 6.4 x 3.4 inches
  • Blade material: It is Titanium bonded to offer better performance than steel
  • Approximated capacity: It can carry out up to 100,000 cuts before any compromise to the blades sharpness
  • Handles: Soft plastic
  • Appropriate materials/thickness: Paper, cardboard, cards, and a range of other soft home or office materials
  • Warranty: 1 year
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It affords clean cuts with a wide range of materials and has one of the highest capacities across the board
  • Comfortable: The ergonomically designed handles afford a comfortable overall experience
  • Durable: The Titanium enhanced blade provides for a solid and reliable cutting device
  • Great warranty: A 1-year warranty is more than enough time to protect you against manufacturers faults
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It may not be ideal for heavy-duty use cases
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3. Pinzo Sticky Note Memo Pad 


Making notes and memos in the office is one of the most common things. With this colourful memo pad, note-taking is more organised and easy.


Main Features
  • Can be used for taking notes, memos and for flagging specific pages
  • 4 sticky notepads (100 sheets per pad), 8-page marker flags (200 strips per flag)  in different colours
  • Comes in a plastic case with separate cases for each type
PROS (What we liked)
  • Bright neon attractive colours
  • Good quality paper
  • Easy to write on
  • Stick well
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were observed

4. JK Print Paper 

JK Print paper
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JK is, without question, a leading brand when it comes to print papers. Its popularity among modern consumers rivals that of world-renowned brands such as Typek as a consequence of the superior quality it provides.

Main Features
  • Size: A4 (11.69 inch x 8.26 inch)
  • Clarity enhancements: It features colour lock technology, which enhances overall print quality
  • Type: Coated
  • Colour: White
  • Use cases: Inkjet and laserjet
PROS (What we liked)
  • Enhanced print quality and whiteness: The colour lock technology gives the paper an extra layer of clarity and overall quality
  • Soft texture: This allows for a smooth printing or writing experience
  • Affordable: It comes with a more modest price when compared to other models
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The paper could be slightly thicker
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5. AmazonBasics All Purpose Washable Glue Sticks 

AmazonBasics All Purpose Washable Glue Sticks
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AmazonBasics comes on stage with one of the most popular and trusted glue sticks offering top-notch effectiveness and efficiency. Office equipment experts and general users have overwhelmingly hailed the quality of the actual glue and its properties.

Main Features
  • Type: It is a classic twist blue stick consisting of a compact cylindrical body that houses the glue, a rotating base, and a head, which is essentially the open end usually covered by a plastic cup
  • Volume and quantity: It comes as a 12 pack. The amount of glue in each stick measures up to 21.8 grams
  • Appropriate surfaces: It works efficiently on a variety of surfaces, including basic paper, cardboard, cards, and photos
  • Glue properties: It is non-toxic and washable using basic soap and water
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It provides for a quick-to-adhere glue formula
  • Versatile: The glue works on a wide range of surfaces
  • User-friendly: Like most glue sticks, its design allows for a straightforward approach in terms of application.
  • High-quality glue formula: On top of providing for quick adherence, it is also easy to use as it is non-toxic and can easily be washed with any standard soap and water
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is appropriate for light to medium use cases only
  • The glue does not work for 3D printing papers
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6. Hot Glue Gun by UNIGEAR Sticks 

Hot Glue Gun by UNIGEAR Sticks
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Sticks provide an impressive form of a set of gun and thermoplastics, which adhere on a wide range of surfaces with marked versatility, as it works with a wide range of glue guns.

Main Features
  • Stick size: They measure 200mm x 11mm in terms of height and diameter
  • Appropriate surfaces: They can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including heat-sensitive materials and standard surfaces such as plastic, wood, fabric, metal, ceramics, and cartons
  • It takes about 3-5 minutes for the glue to reach a workable temperature
  • It utilizes the feed trigger mechanism to facilitate the smooth flowing of the glue
PROS (What we liked)
  • The set can be used on a wide range of surfaces
  • It forms strong bonds and solidifies quickly
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Glue guns can be dangerous if mishandled. Thus, they need extra precautions
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7. KESETKO Pins 

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When it comes to board pins, the dominant name is Kesetko pins due to some good reasons. We will look at the details later on in the pros section, but in general, they present one of the most versatile and durable options on today’s market.

Main Features
  • Design: They take a classic design of push pins where you have a small pin attached to a plastic case at the back to provide for cushioning
  • They come in different colours to serve different tastes and also as a valuable tool when pinpointing locations on the board
  • Quantity: They come in a set of 120 pins contained in a plastic case
  • Length: They are 24 mm long
PROS (What we liked)
  • Durable
  • Ample number of pieces
  • They can be used for a variety of purposes
  • These are the thumb pins that can be easily used on notice boards
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are not as stable when used for thicker materials
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8. Rasper Tricolour Paperweight 

Rasper tricolor paper weight
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Simple as it may appear to be, this simple device provides one of the most popular office desk items that can be handy in assisting you with keeping your documents together in a crowded workstation. It can be summarized as one of the simple paperweight designs, elegant and effective in getting its job done.

Main Features
  • Size: It is 3 inches long and 2 inches wide
  • Material: It is built with cast acrylic
  • Weight: Approximately 80 grams
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is wide and heavy enough to hold various sizes and weights of paper
  • It features an elegant design to blend into a neat, modern work environment.
  • It is affordable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The finishing quality is not up to the mark
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9. Innerbit Paper Cutter 

Innerbit Paper Cutter
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If you are in for an efficient machine to carry out those neat cuts for a wide range of paper sizes while not eating up too much of your space, the Innerbit paper cutter is a device worth looking at. It features one of the most powerful feature sets around, combined with a touch of solidity rarely seen in most devices.

Main Features
  • Type and design: It is a guillotine paper cutter
  • Features a board that holds the surface for the paper with markings for different paper sizes and a clamp to secure the paper
  • Material: Predominantly metallic as the base and blade are made of steel
  • The clamp is made of hard PVC plastic
  • Appropriate paper sizes: It works with A4, A5, B5, B6, B7, as well as postcards and photo sizes
  • Capacity: It effectively works on bundles of up to 10 sheets of 70 gsm paper sizes
PROS (What we liked)
  • Wide range of use cases: It can be used on a wide range of office-grade papers
  • Easy to use: The blade is easy to manoeuvre when thrusting, and the papers are easy to position and secure due to the markings and the clamp
  • Durable: The solid steel construction provides for a machine you can use on a long term basis
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not be as ideal for high precision cutting as standard paper trimmers
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10. CraftDev-A500MB Portable Paper Trimmer 

CraftDev-A500MB Portable Paper Trimmer
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The CraftDev-A500MB paper trimmer provides a great option if you prefer something that offers more accuracy and precision than a Guillotine cutter.

Main Features
  • Type: Paper trimmer
  • Material and weight: Made of PVC plastic material, except for the blade, which is made of steel
  • It weighs about 0.4kg
  • Paper capacity: Maximum of 3 sheets of area 70 gsm
  • Cutting length: 32 centimetres
PROS (What we liked)
  • High precision: The cutting blade design and board markings allow for a high degree of accuracy
  • User-friendly: It is generally easy to set up and operate
  • Durable: It allows for a strong device that can be used on a long term basis
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Lower sheet capacity thus may be a challenge when handling high volumes of work
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11. Care 4 10-in-1 Combo

Care 4 10-in-1 Combo
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This multipurpose tool affords a decent performance though it packs ten office tools in one portable hybrid. It has proven to be quite a great attempt to attain the feat of providing an all in one solution for the pragmatic and tech-savvy user.

Main Features
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Capabilities: The tool has multiple functional abilities, from being a stapler to a handy cutter
  • Stapler
  • Cutters: Retractable scissors, carton opener, pencil sharpener.
  • Pen holder
  • Puncher: Single hole punch
  • Staple pin remover: Standard size
  • Measuring tape: Retractable and 1 meter long
  • Keyring: Paper Clip Storage basket
  • Waste bin: Desktop de-clutter
PROS (What we liked)
  • Multifunctional: It combines multiple functionalities in one portable device.
  • Effective: All functional components work with an above-average performance
  • User-friendly: It is easy and safe to operate
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The multiple functions come with a high price tag
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12. AmazonBasics Stapler machine 

AmazonBasics Stapler machine
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Great staplers are defined by ease of use, efficiency, and durability, and this device from AmazonBasics has a great share of all these factors. Despite its recent introduction in late 2018, there is much to suggest its great performance so far, as evidenced by relevant reviews. Let’s have a look.

Main Features
  • Type: Mini strip
  • Design: It comes in a standard matte-black stapler design, with a curvy staple head over the base, which is lined with a plastic protective layer underneath
  • Capacity: The staple holder, also known as a magazine, can accommodate 200 staples, and it can handle up to 10 sheets in a single punch
  • Warranty: 1 year
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It affords a reliable and clean stapling mechanism.
  • Durable: It is cohesively built to furnish a prolonged lifespan.
  • High capacity: It can hold a large number of staples in addition to an above-average sheet capacity for light to moderate duty stapling.
  • Visually appealing design: It features a professional finish that can easily fit into a variety of modern settings.
  • Comfortable: It is soft and easy to execute the punch due to an efficiently designed system as well as the shock-absorbing plastic lining underneath the base.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not appropriate for heavy-duty stapling
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13. COI business professional organizer 

COI business professional organiser
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This is a great tool to keep you professional by keeping track of your time and goals practically. It is loaded with delightful features and endowed with a professional look that should keep you motivated as you go about working hard and achieving great things for your office and life as a whole.

Main Features
  • Design and size: The diary comes in a professional looking but stylish design featuring a faux leather covering, which also adds a touch of durability and authenticity.
  • The overall size measures 9.5 X 7.15 inches as the actual paper size falls at around 9.25 X 7 inches
  • Appropriate use cases: It is applicable in both regular daily usage and professional business settings
  • Organizational features: It incorporates both general and specialized features to enhance goal setting
PROS (What we liked)
  • Versatile: The diary incorporates a remarkable range of features to cater for both general and special professional purposes
  • Durable: It comes in a durable faux leather covering to offer much-needed protection to inside components
  • High-quality paper material: It consists of high clarity, biodegradable papers to enhance the writing experience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price is a bit on the higher side when compared with other diaries with more or less the same features
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are glue guns safer than sprays? Which is more effective?

There is not much difference in safety and effectiveness when both are handled correctly. The key difference is that sprays can be used on a wider range of surfaces.

2. Are Titanium enhanced scissor blades significantly more durable than stainless steel blades?

Yes. Titanium enhance blade has been proven to offer an extra layer of protection, especially to the blade surface’s cutting edge.

3. What determines the sheet capacity of stapler machines?

The major factor is the size and strength of the pins used. More extensive and thicker pins provide more force and resistance against thicker bundles of paper, giving the stapler a greater sheet capacity.

4. What are the office stationery essentials?

A few of the office stationery essentials are pens, paper, scissors, glue, paperweight, sticky tape, personal diary, paper punch stapler, etc.


THere are a number of office stationery items available, and they are all useful in their own ways. It is good to buy office stationery to help you with your work and keep your office organised and neat looking.

Our top stationery item picks for you are

Give your office a new look with any of the stationery mentioned above to make your work easier and have your office looking more professional.


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