Office Equipment Cleaners Review

Every office needs a comprehensive plan aimed at keeping every piece of equipment in the best shape possible. This allows every equipment to serve its purpose at an optimal performance and the expected lifespan. Beyond functionality and lifespan, clean office equipment mean a healthier environment and a better working atmosphere, which often translates into more productivity.

Additionally, chances are that you wouldn’t like your office to be a common subject of most workplace jokes due to uncleanliness and disorganization. Your office’s appearance is a huge part of the respect you get, as far as visitors and colleagues are concerned.

Office equipment can be tricky when it comes to achieving the best possible cleanup. Most of them have surfaces which require much more than just a soaked cloth to preserve the sparkle.

Common culprits include indentations, and tiny corners in places like computer keyboards, printer trays, ports, and other interior parts which need some cleaning on a fairly frequent basis. Screens and glasses also often need some extra care to avoid unsightly marks which easily render professionally built machines look awkwardly unappealing.

There are various methods of cleaning office equipment, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. With the advancement of technology, manual methods are gradually being replaced by automated methods which provide a superior performance in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness. This review will discuss the three most effective methods of cleaning office equipment. Let’s have a comprehensive look at each method in terms of how it works, and the benefits it brings on the table.

This guide sets out to provide a comprehensive outlook on office equipment cleaners aimed at empowering you with the information you need to keep your equipment clean and safe. The first part is about air blowers , and its working and the second part is mini vacuum cleaners and its working. We have also mentioned our top 10 Product recommendation AND FAQ’s to help you select the right products.

Top 10 Office Equipment Cleaners

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Wide range surfaces
Sleek, durable and efficient
Simple but yet effective
Durable and efficient
Functionality combined in one device
Quick and easy clean
Powerful air blower
An effective blend of a cleaning solution

 Air Blowers

If you are looking to get rid of dust and other similar sized particles from hard-to-reach areas, such as nooks and crevices, mini blower for dusting are the simple and easy to use device might just give you the right deal. Additionally, the device is ideal for sensitive equipment parts which may not allow contact with conventional cloths as it does not require any contact with the surface.

How do air blowers work?

Central to the function of an air blower is a device known as the Impeller, which allows the blower to suck in air from the surrounding and release it at a significantly high pressure, enough to exert the force needed to remove dust from the surface.

In general terms, it creates a dynamic pressure environment which allows the air to be sucked by creating a low pressure area inside the blower, and forced out by significantly increasing the overall internal pressure.

The speed at which the air flows can be altered by available controls in order to adjust the pressure based on the nature of the target surface. For instance, sensitive surfaces require a more gentle approach whereas hard-to-reach, solid areas require more pressure.

Types of Air Blowers

Air blowers can be classified based on a number of features such as the rotating blade design, capacity, size and method of application.

Forward curved blade blowers: As the name suggests, these possess blades which are curved in a forward direction, that is, the same direction as the air. The advantage with this arrangement is that it allows the Impeller to rotate with greater velocity at generally lower speeds.  

Backward-curved blade blowers: These operate at greater speeds than the previous type. The blades are flat with a slight backward curvature. They are considered the best option when in need of more pressure than that provided by the average blower.  

Airfoil blowers: These take a rather peculiar shape where the blades curve downwards at varying degrees. Those closest to the end opening are smaller and curve down at a greater angle, thus creating a narrower end. This creates a streamlined arrangement which helps to propel the air at greater speeds.

What to Look for in an Air Blower


The best air blowers for office equipment are the most portable. Office equipment like computers, printers and others tend to have a lot of tiny nooks and spaces which need something you can easily manipulate manually to have an effective reach. This makes portability an important factor in any office air blower.

Power source

Next to being as portable as possible is the the type of power supply. Cordless blowers allow you to move freely in space thus allowing for more effectiveness than corded devices. However, corded blowers can also be practical provided that the cord is long enough and you don’t mind moving around with a nagging cord attached to your blower.

Power consumption

Great air blowers should be efficient with the supplied amount of electricity. This is reflected in the wattage as it is an expression of how much electric energy is consumed per unit time. The greater the wattage, the greater the consumption, which translates into more operational cost. Though most blowers do not consume much more than a regular electrical appliance, this parameter can be a good indication of how good the system is.

A machine with a lower power rating, but with the performance of a higher rated machine usually possesses a better and more cohesively built system. Wattage ratings typically fall within 400-800 watts.


Speed has a direct correlation to efficiency. As expected, the greater the speed rating, the better able the machine is to cover a wider surface area. Speed is usually expressed as the impeller’s revolutions per minute, or miles per hour. More speed usually means more wattage, as more electrical energy is needed to sustain the high rate. However, it is prudent to compare between models as some may have higher speed ratings with lower wattage.

As expressed above, the type also has a bearing on speed. If you are in for greater speed, which often correlates with superior performance, blowers with backward blades can be a good fit. However, if all you need is something that offers just enough for a wide range of surfaces, forward blade blowers are good enough to do the job.

Noise level

To get an idea of how noisy the blower can be, try it out before making any decision. If this is not allowed, ask for, or check the noise specification if it’s indicated. Anything above 60 decibels(DB) can be potentially irritating to your workmates.


The best air blowers combine solidity and lightness. In other words, they are typically made of hard plastic material, but with low weight in order to adhere to the standards of portability. This combined with a compact and well molded construction should provide for a perfect option as far as durability is concerned.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners

Mini vacuum cleaner for electronics provide a great alternative to air blowers. Though the mechanism is a bit different from blowers, they are based on the same principles of pressure. In short, instead of blowing materials out of the target surface, they employ a sucking mechanism, just like the larger vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner’s working principle

A vacuum cleaners’ mechanism is nothing more than a scaled-up version of the mechanism involved in the drinking straw. When you suck a liquid through a straw, you create an environment where the  pressure at the top of the straw is significantly lower than at the bottom. Since fluids tend to move from regions of high pressure to those of low pressure, the fluid you are sucking moves towards the top and into your mouth for an easy swallow.

This is essentially what happens in a vacuum cleaner. It can be accurately thought of as a device that plays around with pressure differences to suck in particles from the target surface.

Let’s have a look at the components before we follow through the mechanism. As demonstrated above, key parts of a vacuum cleaner include an intake port, exhaust, electric motor, porous bag, fan and the main body which provides room for all the other structures.

The motor presents the main component of the vacuum cleaner. Like most standard propellers, the motor and the fan are attached to create a high velocity rotating complex equipped with angled blades which propel the air inside. Pressing the switch-on button completes the circuit, which supplies the needed electric current to activate the motor.

The rotating blades propel the air to the exhaust port. The rapid propulsion creates a situation where you have considerably lower air pressure behind the fan than the exterior of the vacuum cleaner. What you have in the end is a partial vacuum inside the cleaner which allows for a constant flow of air into the cleaner through the intake port, and out through the outlet port.

When the air is being sucked inside, it carries with it the particles and debris which are light enough into the vacuum cleaner. The main force at play here is friction. When the flowing air encounters a particle outside the cleaner, there is friction between the air and the particle. If the suction force from the cleaner is stronger than the friction force, the particle is carried along the stream of air into the vacuum.

To increase effectiveness, some cleaners are equipped with rotating brushes at the bottom or intake port. These assist with loosening dust particles form the surface in order to make it easier for them to be carried along the air stream.

The vacuum cleaner bag allows the the cleaner to effectively separate the particles from the stream of air. This is made possible through the porous material which allows air to pass through while the dust is trapped inside as the holes are too small for most particles.

What to Look for in Mini Vacuum Cleaners

Now let’s take a look at the key factors behind the best choices when purchasing vacuum cleaners.

Size, weight and comfort features

The main idea behind a mini vacuum cleaner is having a handheld device that can clean as effectively as a vacuum cleaner would, but in hard-to-reach or highly sensitive surfaces. Therefore, a mini vacuum cleaner should be light enough to be handled with one hand, and should have dimensions which are small enough to keep the tiny crevices you are cleaning visible. This comes in handy especially when it comes to cleaning computer keyboards, which need a lot of focus and precision to achieve an effective cleaning process.

Additionally, a good vacuum cleaner should have a handle which is well tailored to the human hand to maintain optimal levels of comfort and flexibility when cleaning. Therefore, there is much prudence in trying it out in order to see if it’s a good match for your hand.


Efficiency is about speed and how much your vacuum cleaner can extract from the surface. Different cleaners have different capacities thus overall effectiveness may vary greatly.

Try to take a look if there are any specifications relating to the size and kind of debris a particular cleaner can effectively work on. On top of that, check to see if the cleaner has some extra features such as brushes which assist with dislodging some adhering particles from the target surface.


The kind of material used in the construction,  build quality and the brand’s reputation provide a fair indication of what to expect from the vacuum cleaner. Whichever model you choose, make sure it is built with durable plastic material and adopts a solid, compact construction. When it comes to the performance of the moving parts, you are safer when you settle for brands which are established and retain a positive reputation based on user reviews.

Power supply

Battery operated systems are the best when it comes to mini vacuum cleaners for the obvious reason that they allow for more maneuverability, which is critical especially when it comes to tiny spaces. Corded devices may also afford good flexibility, but the cord itself can be a distraction to the cleaning process.


Accessories allow for more flexibility, thus making the machine more practical in everyday cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners come with brushes which can be attached at the nozzle end, or used manually to assist with dislodging debris. Another common accessory is a separate nozzle which can be fixed at the intake port to allow for accessibility to tiny spaces. These are worth looking into as they can prove the real difference between a great and a bad investment.

Cleaning kits

If you have surfaces such as lenses and LCD screens, which may simply not work with automated devices , or are just looking to have more control over the cleaning process, a manual cleaning kit can serve a great tool. Most computer cleaning kit comes with three main components, and these are: a cleaning brush, microfiber cloth and a liquid solution for sensitive surfaces.

Microfiber cloth

A typical cleaning cloth is made of cotton or alternatives such as nylon. The problem with such cloths is that cotton fibers are quite large and this makes them ineffective when it comes to micro-particles or smaller debris. This is why you are often left with unsightly marks on laptop screens and other smooth surfaces when you uses a conventional cloth.

Microfiber clothing which is a great laptop cleaning cloth solves the problem by bringing tiny and multiple fibres into the equation. The microfibers bond more effectively with dirt while providing a larger surface area for the attachment of various micro-particles. This makes microfiber cloths a usual choice in the best cleaning kits on the market today.

Equipment cleaning brushes

These come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all based on the same principle as microfiber cloths. Tiny and flexible fibers are used in the structure to allow both accessibility to tiny spaces and effective extraction of tiny particles.

Cleaning solution

There is a wide variety of cleaning solutions on the market. Most of them are alcohol-based and can clean a wide range of particles from most surfaces. Some of the most common solutions include Ammonia, Ethyalcohol, Methyl Chloride and Ethyl Acids. However, some surfaces can be picky when it comes to cleaning agents. This brings in the need for the prudent step of making sure if there are special precautions on the equipment relating to the use of different cleaning agents.

Another important factor to consider relating to this is the solution’s actual volume. Since they typically come in rather small volumes within the range of 50-300ml, larger surfaces are typically problematic. If the surface you are cleaning is quite large, as in larger equipment such as multifunctional printers, you may need to consider using it together with other automated devices to provide enough cover.

1. Photron Cleaning pro cleaning kit – Our Pick

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If you are looking for a powerful cleaning kit for sensitive surfaces such as lens, LCD and other screens, this kit should cover for all the associated safety requirements. It provides a good range of tools, specially designed to provide the delicate touch needed to achieve an effective cleanup without leaving any undesirable scratches. Let’s take a look.

Main Features
  • The kit comes with five cleaning items, namely: a manual air blower, a brush, microfiber cleaning cloth, cleaning solution and cotton swabs. The air blower is quite similar to the Storite Air pump except for the color. The brush takes a standard design with fine and flexible fibers appropriate for manual cleaning of tiny spaces. The 20ml cleaning solution is alcohol based and suitable for cleaning pressure sensitive screens and other surfaces.
  • Applications: Use cases include cleaning LCD screens, keyboards, lenses, printers, scanners, computer exteriors and other smooth surfaces.
  • Warranty: Unspecified.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Rich feature set: It provides for all the necessary tools for cleaning sensitive surfaces
  • Efficient: The microfiber cloth and solution afford a descent cleanup, as witnessed by a variety of reviews from current users.
  • User-friendly and cost effective: Easy to use and eliminates the need for an external power supply
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not ideal for cleaning larger equipment like multi-functional printers.
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2. Gizga Essentials Cleaning Solution – Wide range surfaces

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This is a 2-piece simple solution towards cleaning dust and other smaller particles from highly sensitive surfaces, narrow indentations, nooks, crevices and corners of a variety of office equipment. Its simplicity and ease of use makes it a clear favourite among its competitors on the market.  Let’s take a look at a little more detail.

Main Features
  • The kit is basically a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth with a flushy blend of cotton and wool. The solution measures 170ml in terms of volume whereas the fibre cloth measures 250mmx150mm in terms of length and width respectively.
  • Applications: LCD screens and equipment with sleek surfaces.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It provides for a quick and thorough cleanup, especially on screens and other glassy surfaces.
  • Affordable: It comes with a lower cost compared to most cleaning solutions.
  • User-friendly: It provides for a quick and easy way of getting rid of small particles on sensitive surfaces.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The volume is not ideal for larger equipment or surfaces.
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3. USHONK Vacuum Cleaner – Sleek, durable and efficient

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Endowed with a sleek, modern design and a powerful feature set, this model is definitely an option to consider for anyone serious with keeping their office equipment clean and sound. The reviews tell a largely positive story relating to the actual experience with the device. Let’s take a quick look.

Main Features
  • Design: The cleaner comes in an all-black design which improves on the general setup of a standard mini vacuum cleaner. As expected, the nozzle occupies the pointed end of the cleaner whereas the back and mid compartments house the motor. A long handle, which holds a USB port at the base, is attached at the base of the main compartment for easy manual handling.
  • Dimensions and weight: The cleaner measures 15 x 6.6 x 15.5 cm in terms of length, width and height, as the weight is placed at around 295g.
  • Power source: USB and 1 Lithium ion battery.
  • Applications: All smooth surfaces requiring non-contact cleaning methods.
  • Accessories: The package comes with a set of brushes to be fixed at the pointed end, and a 1.8 metre USB cable.
  • Warranty: No warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Dual power supply: It is both battery and AC operated.
  • Efficient: It affords a fast and descent cleanup for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Durable: It is solidly built with durable plastic material.
  • User-friendly: It is easy, comfortable and safe to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes with no warranty package.
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4. Storite Air pump Cleaner – Simple but yet effective

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This is a simplified version of an air blower for those looking for something less techy, and with a more affordable price tag. The simple design based on a relatively straightforward concept makes it one of the most popular devices on the market. Let’s appreciate the details.

Main Features
  • Design: The tool comes in a compressible rubber ball attached to a pointed nozzle which acts as a passage for the manually compressed air. Once the air is squeezed out and the pressure is released, the ball is quickly inflated to allow another cycle.
  • Applications : Computer keyboards, screens, lenses, glasses and almost any other surface with dust accumulation.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Effective dusting for a wide range of sensitive surfaces: It provides a fast and thorough cleaning method on the specified sensitive surfaces.
  • Durable: The rubber in use is a highly resistant material due to its elastic and recoil properties.
  • User-friendly: It is fairly straightforward and easy to use.
  • Affordable: It provides for one of the cheapest options available.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not ideal for larger surfaces as it can be tedious due to the repeated manual compressions.
  • It is limited to dusting.
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5. Cheston Air Blower – Durable and efficient

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Cheston is a household name especially among those who are well-versed in office related cleaning gadgets and hence is the best air blower in amazon. It comes on stage as one of the most efficient and Cheston is a household name especially among those who are well-versed in office related cleaning gadgets and hence is the best air blower in amazon. It comes on stage as one of the most efficient and durable machines on the market, with a host of positive reviews to furnish practical evidence. Let’s have a closer look. durable machines on the market, with a host of positive reviews to furnish practical evidence. Let’s have a closer look.

Main Features
  • Design:The air blower comes in a standard design where a circular compartment housing the Impeller is attached to the pointed nozzle in front, as the side holds the attached point for the dust bag. The back provides an attachment point to the power cable. In general, it is a solid and straightforward construction which brings in an air of durability and efficiency.
  • Motor speed:The motor has a rather high rating of 17000 revolutions per minute (rpm), which translates to about 80 miles per hour.
  • Motor wattage:It consumes up to 600W.
  • Applications:All surfaces requiring touchless dry cleaning, computers and other key office equipment such as printers, scanners and desk organizers.
  • Warranty:6 months limited warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It features one of the highest speeds as evidenced by the revolutions per minute rating, and can effectively handle a wide range of debris sizes and surfaces.
  • Durable: It features a solid and compact construction which is capable of withstanding the vibrations and pressure exerted by the working impeller.
  • Low power consumption
  • It has a low energy consumption rating which is complimented by the efficient performance.
  • Reasonable warranty period
  • 6 months is more than enough to provide cover for manufacturing related defects.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The speed cannot be altered to achieve optimal or safe pressures according to different surfaces.
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6. Marhash dual purpose cleaner – Functionality combined in one device

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When it comes to mini vacuum cleaners, this device seems to provide enough reason to be considered among the elite. A modern design coupled with a promising functional feature set  and positive reviews earned it a place on our list. Let’s get closer.

Main Features
  • Design:The cleaner comes in a sleek, modern design whose body is divided into two main compartments. The front accommodates the nozzle area which also has an inlet port. The transparent body joins the posterior compartment which holds the handle and power button on top whereas the back provides room for the power cable. The space inside the compartment provides room for the mini dust canister.
  • Functionality: The device is dual purpose: It incorporates both vacuum cleaner and air blowers functionality
  • Dimensions: 10(L) x 23(W) x 14(H)
  • Weight: 499 grams
  • Motor speed: 15-18000 rpm.
  • Wattage: Up to 1000W.
  • Applications: Exteriors of electronic equipment and other surfaces such as frames, books, upholstery, furniture and curtains.
  • Warranty: Unspecified
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It works on a wide range of surfaces with similar efficiency.
  • Durable: It features a solid and compact build quality to ensure an enhanced lifespan.
  • User-friendly: It is portable enough and features a convenient handle for an enhanced user experience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a relatively higher power consumption rating compared to most models.
  • Unspecified warranty package.
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7. Cables Hightec cleaning compound – Quick and easy clean

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The next couple of minutes will be spent on one of the most effective but surprisingly simple office equipment cleaning tool under the name; Cables high tech cleaning compound.  It uses a specially prepared soft gum material to allow an easy-picking of debris and dust from crevices and a wide range of surfaces

Main Features
  • Type of material: Soft gum.
  • Components: Vegetable Gum, Glycerin, fragrance and Quaternium which gives it disinfectant properties.
  • Applications: Soft and sensitive surfaces including computer keyboards, phones, scanners, printers. It also comes in handy for other smaller surfaces of non-electronic equipment.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to apply: It simplifies the rather tedious cleaning process of tiny crevices into a simple manual task.
  • Bactericidal properties: It goes the extra mile to incorporate disinfecting properties (eliminates up to 80% of germs exposed to the compound)
  • Environmental friendly: The material is 98% biodegradable.
  • Efficient: It has high affinity to dust and other smaller particles.
  • Can be used multiple times.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not an efficient option for wider surfaces.
  • It can be used to get rid of dust only.
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8. Jakmister Electric Blower – Powerful air blower

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The next model presents a tough competitor to the first model on the list. The device affords most of the features and advantages offered by the first pick, while raking up superior review ratings from current and former users. Let’s have a look.

Main Features
  • Design: The blower comes in a blue plastic body with a similar structure to the first model. The front holds a pointed nozzle to provide an entry portal for the dust. This articulates with the central circular compartment housing the impeller which is also connected the handle on one side. The underside of the handle accommodates the power button for a convenient press and play mechanism.
  • Motor speed: 16000 rpm
  • Motor wattage: It is rated at 700W.
  • Applications: It can handle all electronic equipment and other surfaces such as desktops, organizers and books.
  • Warranty: 6 months.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High speed and wide range of use cases : Though slightly less than the first model, it does afford a decent speed for enhanced overall efficiency.
  • Durable: It features a high quality build and highly resistant plastic material.
  • Reasonable warranty period: The 6 month warranty period is adequate to cover for any manufacturing related defects.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a higher wattage rating.
  • The package does not come with a dust bag.
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9. Rnaux Cleaning Kit – An effective blend of a cleaning solution

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The last slot on the product review goes to another commendable set of tools on the market from Rnaux. The company is well-known for producing top quality sanitation and cleaning products, with this cleaning kit as part of a product line possessing antibacterial properties.

Main Features
  • The kit comes in as a combination of a cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, and a brush. The non-alcohol based solution may come in a 60ml, 100ml and 200ml bottle depending on your choice is the best laptop cleaning liquid. Additionally, the solution possesses antibacterial properties and is believed to be free of common allergens associated with equipment cleaning solutions. The brush and microfiber cloth are also graded as biodegradable.
  • Applications: It is applicable to almost all electronics exterior surfaces, screens, and keyboards.
  • Warranty: N/A
PROS (What we liked)
  • Affordable:It comes with a lower priced tag compared to the more techy options.
  • User-friendly: Quick and easy to apply.
  • Efficient: It goes the extra mile to incorporate antibacterial properties on top of a top notch performance on regular particles.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not an ideal option for larger equipment and other surfaces.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are alcohol based cleaning solutions better than non-alcohol based solutions?

There is no adequate scientific evidence to demonstrate clear-cut superiority. Both options work satisfactorily when purchased from a credible manufacturer and when used correctly. Though alcohol-based solutions tend to have stronger disinfecting properties, some non alcohol-based solutions utilize other substances to provide antibacterial properties.

2. Can I use a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of finger marks on screens?

Vacuum cleaners work wonders on dust and other solid debris. Fingermarks are mainly made of oils and other bodily liquids, therefore, cleaning solutions are better.

3. Can i trust the speed rating as indicated by most manufacturers?

If it’s a trusted brand, Yes, but if you have reservations about the brand then its best not to take everything written on the product’s specs for truth.

4. Is it enough to have just one equipment or a combination?

Because different cleaners have different mechanisms, they tend to be more effective in cleaning a certain type of particles. Therefore, if the budget allows, try to have one from each of the categories above in order to achieve a better outcome.


Hopefully with the abovementioned list of products, choosing will be much easier for you. According to the experts, our top 3 products are Photron Clean ProGizga Essentials Gz-Ck-102 and USHONK Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner have topped the list because of the efficiency, super built and great design to clean the most challenging areas.

Choosing the best office cleaning equipment kit is about knowing the key options available on the market, how they work, and the key factors which affect their performance. As explored in the first part, office equipment cleaners can be categorized in three main groups namely: air blowers, mini vacuum cleaners, and cleaning kits. Air blowers and vacuum cleaners function based on the same principles of pressure, as they blow or suck air and associated particles based on pressure differences.

All the best as you search the market for your best tools to preserve the spark of your precious office equipment.

Key factors involved in the purchase decision include  the type, user-friendliness, efficiency, power source and size. Cleaning kits provide a manual but effective method by furnishing a collection of tools which allow you to reach into tiny spaces. Usual features include a mini air blower, cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and brushes. The last section explored the different options on the market in each category. This is purposed to serve as a reference where you can pick one or a number of products depending on your needs.


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