MOSKITRAP GM968 Inhalant Mosquito Repellent Machine

Moskitrap is a budding Indian brand that deals in inhalant mosquito trap and insect trap products. 

It provides safe, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products for getting rids of mosquitoes. Most of its products feature USB connection and portable design for easy usage. 

Moskitrap GM968 inhalant mosquito repellant machine is a high-performance gadget that gets rid of mosquitoes while spreading a pleasing aroma in the surroundings. It completely eradicates mosquitoes and pests from your nearby environment. 

It is an easy-to-operate and user-friendly machine that effectively prevents mosquito bites and promises sound sleep.

MOSKITRAP GM968 Inhalant Mosquito Repellent Machine 1


Natural Mosquito Repellent

We unboxed the package and found that the Moskitrap GM968 repellent is formulated using organic essential oils from natural sources such as Lavender, Clove, and Citronella.

Thus, we opined that it is packed with natural mosquito repellent properties.

Eradicate various types of Mosquitos

We tried out this machine and found it to be a potent repellant that can be used for eradicating various types of insects including flies, moths, fruit flies, mosquitoes, etc.

100% certified Repellant

It is a 100% certified repellant that boasts of high-quality formulation and strong mosquito-repellant properties.

Wider Coverage Area

MOSKITRAP GM968 Inhalant Mosquito Repellent Machine 4

Our experiments with this machine showed that It provided a wider coverage area up to 150 square feet for protecting against mosquitoes by eliminating the repelling smell from essentials oils.

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery.

We observed that the battery provided a long-lasting life of up to 10 hours with a single complete charge.

Flexible Charging/ USB Connection

We found its flexible charging using USB Type-C connectivity cable to be very useful. You can power this repellant machine from a power bank, computer, adapter, etc,

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for everyone who would love to enjoy sound sleep by keeping mosquitoes and insects at bay. It is an excellent mosquito repellant for those who prefer eco-friendly products. 

As it uses natural essential oils, it works great for those who are allergic to harmful chemicals.


Excellent Fragrance

We observed that this machine produces a great and pleasing fragrance of essential oils in the surroundings. While it smells great for you, it repels the mosquitoes and insects.

This machine features a whisper fan that spreads the fragrance uniformly in multiple directions.

Convenient Mosquito Repellant Alternative 

It is a convenient mosquito repellant alternative that does not need any mosquito net or mosquito bat. Also, you don’t need any odour full refill pack for repelling mosquitoes. 

We connected the USB cable to the USB micro-socket, inserted the USB plug into the machine’s socket, and clicked the touch switch for operating it and repelling the mosquitoes effortlessly.


This mosquito repellent is formulated using organic essential oils and does not constitute any toxic materials. 


It is an eco-friendly mosquito repellant machine that is devoid of any harmful chemicals and other substances that may pose environmental hazards.

Quieter Performance

When we operated this machine, we didn’t find any disturbing sounds. 

It features an in-built sleek fan that delivers quieter performance by creating minimal noise in the operational mode so that you can enjoy a sound sleep. 

Portable and Lightweight

MOSKITRAP GM968 Inhalant Mosquito Repellent Machine 3

We found it to be a portable and lightweight mosquito repellant machine that is easy to carry and install at various indoor and outdoor locations.

It is ideal for use at home, office, outdoor kitchen, hotel, terrace, restaurant, farmhouse, small retail store, pool, children play area, lawn & garden, etc.


This mosquito friendly machine is designed to be safe for children, elderly individuals, pregnant women, etc. 

It comes with an electric shockproof net for enhanced safety against any accidental contact with the machine.

Sleek and Outstanding Design

This machine features a sleek and attractive design that can be used as a show-piece in your living room or any other place. 

Its unique and appealing design enhances the décor of your surroundings. 

No Maintenance

It is an easy-to-use mosquito repellant machine that requires minimal maintenance. 

It is very easy to operate by consumers. All you need to do is to click the touch switch and switch instruction lamp lights for starting the machine. 


No negative points observed so far. 


Our research with Moskitrap GM968 inhalant mosquito repellant machine indicates that it is an exceptional, user-friendly, and portable repellant that delivers silent performance, ensures safety, and does not contain harmful and toxic chemicals. 

We recommend this mosquito repellant for everyone who is looking for an environmentally-friendly way of dealing with mosquitoes and insects.