Whirlpool 25 L Convection Microwave Oven Magicook Elite Review

The Whirlpool Magicook Elite is a convection microwave oven that comes with a 315 mm turntable. The large turntable allows you to cook and reheat large quantities of food in one go.

It is equipped with pre-programmed menus that allow you to indulge in various cuisines and exotic dishes. Moreover, the auto cook and magic menus save you the hassle of having to monitor the power levels at different time intervals.

The model comes with a 2-year warranty on its magnetron. Hence, it is a reliable and durable kitchen appliance that ensures convenient cooking.

Capacity: 25 Liters

The convection microwave oven comes with a capacity of 25 liters. It is capable of grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking food for a family of four to five members. The microwave oven also comes with a 20-liter capacity, which is suitable for bachelors and small families.

240 Degree C Tandoor Heater

The tandoor heater comes with a maximum attainable temperature of 240 degrees Celsius. It allows you to prepare your favorite tandoori delicacies faster. It also ensures juicy and crunchier results.

150 Auto Cook Menu

The microwave oven includes 150 Indian auto cook menus with pre-programmed time and temperature settings. The auto cook feature allows you to explore a variety of exotic flavors and cuisines in the comfort of your home.

Combination Cooking

The convection oven offers the convenience of combining two cooking modes for quicker and improved cooking results. You can choose among the microwave and grill mode, microwave and convection mode, grill and convection mode, to cook your favorite dish.

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What Do We like

Better Moisture Retention

The tandoor heater of the Magicook Elite ensures better moisture retention. Hence, the dishes tend to be juicy and tender on the inside.

2 Minutes Recipes

You can download the Whirlpool microwave exclusive app, “Culineria.” It provides a variety of recipes that help you prepare tasty and healthy dishes, within 2 minutes.

Zero Oil Cooking

The microwave oven is capable of preparing your favorite fried snacks without the use of oil. Hence, you can enjoy tasty dishes, without compromising on your health. It allows you to indulge in your favorite fried food in a guilt-free manner.

Smarter than Air Fryers

The microwave oven enables you to grill, bake, and crisp 50% faster while retaining 45% more moisture than a conventional air fryer. Hence, it is smarter than air fryers.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were mentioned


The Whirlpool Magicook Elite is a suitable choice for a family of four to five members. It is capable of preparing juicy and tender dishes using no oil. It allows you and your family to indulge in delicious delicacies in a guilt-free manner.

The model is smarter than air fryers, making it a must-have product. The microwave oven is reliable and durable. Hence, it is an excellent option for convenient cooking.

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