Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven MS23F301TAK-TL Review

The Samsung MS23F301TAK/TL is a solo microwave oven that is suitable for a family of three to four members. It comes with a ceramic enamel cavity that is durable and easy to clean. The microwave oven utilizes the triple distribution system to provide perfectly cooked dishes.

You can easily choose from a variety of pre-programmed Indian recipes to enjoy local flavors in the comfort of home. The model comes with 20 pre-set cooking modes that help you prepare fresh and healthy homemade meals within minutes.

Moreover, the black solo microwave oven features an elegant and stylish design that enhances the interiors of your kitchen. The crystal blue display, silver buttons, and dials add to the style of your microwave oven. The intuitive controls also help in its convenient operation.

Capacity: 23-Liters

The solo microwave oven comes with a capacity of 23 liters. It is capable of reheating, defrosting, and cooking food for a small family of three to four members.

Ceramic Enamel Cavity

The model includes a smooth ceramic cavity that is rust-free and scratch-resistant. The durable cavity does not discolor over time. Moreover, it is 99% bacteria-free, which makes food hygienic and safe for consumption.

Indian Recipes

You can choose from a variety of pre-programmed Indian and local recipes on the solo microwave oven. The feature allows you to explore familiar flavors and delicious dishes at the touch of a button.

Triple Distribution System

The triple distribution system delivers microwaves to the open cavity through the three slots. It ensures broader coverage and even heat distribution to achieve perfectly cooked meals.

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What Do We like

Easy To Clean

The smooth ceramic interior is scratch-resistant and built to last. It can be cleaned without scrubbing, and it does not discolor. Hence, the ceramic cavity is easy to clean and maintain.

Stylish Design

The elegant and sleek, black solo microwave oven features a curved handle that enhances its design. The model is a perfect fit for any kitchen style. It enhances the aesthetics of your home decor.

Easy Control

The microwave oven includes an intuitive control panel that helps in setting the desired mode quickly. It also comes with a jog dial that has a long life. Hence, the tactile buttons and dial ensures the easy operation of the microwave oven.

Energy Saving Mode

The eco mode lowers the standby power of the microwave oven to conserve energy. Hence, it also saves expenses on your electricity bills.

What We Don’t Like


It can be a little noisy when it’s on.


The Samsung MS23F301TAK/TL solo microwave oven is an ideal option for reheating and cooking food. It is easy to clean, hygienic, and durable. Moreover, it features a premium stylish design that works well in any kitchen. Hence, the Samsung MS23F301TAK/TL is an excellent solo microwave oven that ensures a variety of perfectly cooked dishes within minutes.

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