Samsung (MC32K7055VC-TL) 32 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Samsung was established in 1938 with its founder Lee Byung-Chul. It started out as a trading company then after 3 decades, they became diversified offering various products to people worldwide. If you are looking for a microwave oven then Samsung is a reliable brand that you can trust.

This is why we would like to introduce to you this Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave Oven. This oven is crafted with the best materials possible and underwent tremendous quality check to ensure your satisfaction. Aside from that, it has a floral design that is imprinted on its door that will add up a lot of elegance to your home.

Defrost Feature

This feature will help you defrost meat, fruits, and other ingredients easily and quickly with just a click of a button.

Drop-Down Door

It will allow you to have easy and quick access to the interior of the oven.

Ceramic Enamel Cavity

It is responsible for the fast heating of your foods which will save you a lot of time and electricity. Ceramic is also known as a very sturdy material that allows it to last for a really long time.

306 Auto Cook Menu

These are preset recipes that can be utilized to make everything automated especially when you want to cook a specific dish.

5 Years Warranty

This product has 5 years warranty which will keep you secured for a very long time in case the oven malfunctions suddenly.

Child Lock

It is a useful safety feature that will lock the oven’s door when not in use to prevent unwanted scenarios to happen such as accidents.

Turntable On or Off It gives you the ability to control the turntable if it will spin or not depending on your needs and preferences.

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What Do We like


It does not contain any hard to understand mechanisms making it easy for beginners to use it.

Great Design

It looks really good which will surely add up some awesomeness to your kitchen or dining area.

Low Price

This premium microwave oven does not costs that much which will surely not hurt the budget when you buy it.


This microwave oven does not consume too much electricity which will save you some money from your bills.

Easy to Clean

Since this microwave oven has a spacious interior, you can easily clean its interiors by means of wiping it with a dry gentle cloth.

No Maintenance Needed

The heating elements of this microwave oven are built to last and will not require you to perform any crazy maintenance on it for it to function well.


This microwave oven is made of premium materials that guarantee that this item will last for a really long time.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This microwave oven has a lot of better features that you can make use of such as Defrost Feature, Drop-Down Door, Ceramic Enamel Cavity, 306 Auto Cook Menu, 5 Years Warranty, Child Lock, and etc. You will have the capacity to create delicious dishes easily.

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