Samsung (CE1041DSB2/TL) 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Samsung is considered as one of the most reputable brands right now in the world of electronics. This is probably because of the quality that their products possess. So if you are looking for a convection microwave oven, then Samsung is a brand to go for. They have features that will allow you to cook or reheat the dishes that you will truly love.

With regard to that, we would like to introduce to you this Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL), which is well-built and will surely provide you the functionalities that you need. We will prove to you that as we enumerate its features and advantages below.

28-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is decent enough to accommodate meals for big families.

Child Lock

This feature will keep your child safe at all times, especially while you are using the oven.

Touch Keypad

It gives you the ability to control the oven easily without putting too much effort into pressing buttons.


This product has a 5-year warranty on its magnetron, ten years on its ceramic cavity, and one year on the product.


Aside from cooking, you can also use this oven for defrosting, grilling, and reheating your foods.

Slim Fry Technology

With this feature, you will not need to put too much oil on the foods that you are cooking, which results in healthier food choices.

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What Do We like


The 28-liter maximum capacity is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of foods inside the oven. This will prevent you from redoing the tasks all over again.

Great Design

It has a nice-looking exterior that will surely be pleased to look at.

Affordable Price

Despite the good features that this oven has, the price remains to be budget-friendly.

Easy to Use

This oven does not have any hard to understand mechanisms making you use this oven with ease and comfort.


It does not consume too much power, which will save you a lot of money from your bills.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

You will save a lot of time and effort because it does not need any tremendous maintenance for it to run perfectly.


It is made of the finest materials that are why you will have the guarantee that this oven will not break down easily.

Ergonomic and Insulated Handle

You can open the door of this oven easily and without getting hurt because of the ergonomic-shape and insulation that it has.

Wide Window

You can see what you are cooking very well inside this oven because of the wide window that it has.

What We Don’t Like

This oven is too bulky, which is not suitable for houses with limited spaces.


This oven has premium features that you can utilize to make tasty dishes. Some of its features are the 28-Liter Capacity, Child Lock, Touch Keypad, Warranty, Multipurpose, and Slim Fry Technology. You can experience all of those at a very affordable price.

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