Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave Oven NN-CT654M FDG Review

The Panasonic NN-CT654M FDG convection microwave oven includes two grills that ensure two-way heating for quicker cooking. It has a capacity of 27-liters, which makes it ideal for a family of five members. The model includes five power levels and a timer that allows you to enjoy precise and hassle-free cooking.

The auto cook menus and zero-oil recipes enable you to enjoy exotic cuisines and flavors in a guilt-free manner. The stainless steel cavity and 360-degree heat wrap ensure the uniform circulation of heat for improved cooking results. The Panasonic convection oven allows you and your family to enjoy healthier and tastier food.

Capacity: 27-Liters

The microwave oven features a capacity of 27 liters, which makes it suitable for a family of five members. It can be used for baking, grilling, steaming, air frying, and barbecuing food. The grill and convection oven also come with an auto-defrost feature that allows you to defrost frozen food items for proper cooking.

Auto Cook Menu

It includes 131 auto menus and 64 Indian menus for you to explore. The recipes come with pre-programmed time and temperature settings to take out the guesswork from cooking. The auto cook menu feature allows indulging in a variety of flavors and cuisines.

5 Power Levels

The power levels enable you to adjust the temperature to the desired level. You can easily increase the levels to meet your cooking requirements.

Top Grill and Back Grill

The microwave oven includes a top grill-1400 watts and back grill-1000 watts. The two grills work simultaneously to ensure faster cooking of food. The microwave oven prevents food from losing moisture and nutrients to ensure healthier and tastier food.

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What Do We like

Vapor Clean

It allows you to clean the stainless steel cavity of the microwave oven, making it odor and stain-free at the touch of a button. Hence, the microwave oven is easy to clean.

360 Degree Heat Wrap

The 360-degree wrap helps in the even distribution of heat for uniform and quicker grilling of food. The feature helps you prepare delicious tikkas and kebabs conveniently. It enhances the flavors of the food and makes the exterior crispy.

Zero-Oil Recipes

The microwave oven allows you to prepare your favorite fried snacks without compromising on taste. The zero-oil recipes helps in preparing dishes with minimum oil. Hence, you can indulge in your favorite tasty treats in a guilt-free manner.

What We Don’t Like

No Cons

We have not noticed any negative points associated with this microwave oven so far.


The Panasonic NN-CT654M FDG convection microwave oven is an efficient and reliable option to consider buying. It comes with 131 auto cook menus that ensure hassle-free cooking. Hence, it is the perfect cooking partner for homemakers.

The model is also ideal for calorie-conscious individuals because of its zero-oil recipes. You get to enjoy tasty, juicy, and flavorful dishes without having to compromise on health. Hence, the Panasonic NN-CT654M FDG convection microwave oven is an ideal choice for a large family.

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