Panasonic 23 L Convection Microwave Oven NN-CT353BFDG Review

The Panasonic NN-CT353BFDG convection microwave oven comes with a stainless steel cavity and a large glass turntable. It helps in the even distribution of heat for quicker and better cooking results.

You can adjust the temperature and timer settings according to your recipe requirements. Moreover, the 81 auto cook menus allow you and your family to indulge in a variety of flavors and cuisines.

The model comes with an elegant and user-friendly design, making it easy to operate. It includes a year warranty on product and four years on its magnetron. In this article, we provide a detailed review of the Panasonic NN-CT353BFDG convection microwave oven.

Capacity: 23-Liters

The Panasonic convection microwave oven features a capacity of 23 liters. It is capable of defrosting, baking, grilling, reheating, and cooking delicious food for a family of four members.

5 Power Levels

The power levels allow you to adjust the temperature of the microwave oven to the desired level. You can increase the temperature to meet your different recipe requirements.

81 Auto Cook Menu

The auto cook menu feature comprises of 81 pre-programmed recipes that enable you to explore exotic flavors and cuisines. It automatically adjusts the temperature and cooking time according to the recipe. Hence, it allows you to prepare a variety of tasty dishes for your loved ones within a few minutes.

Timer Function

You can set the cooking time according to your requirements and continue with your chores. The timer function prevents the food from getting over-cooked or burnt.

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What Do We like

360 Degree Heat Wrap

The 360-degree heat wrap feature distributes heat uniformly for even grilling. It allows you to enjoy your favorite tikkas and kebabs by making them flavorful and crunchy.

User-Friendly Design

The Panasonic convection microwave oven features an elegant black body finish that enhances the interiors of your kitchen. It comes with a glass door that is easy to clean while the black handlebar ensures a perfect grip during the opening or closing of the door.

The model also features touch-sensitive controls and a display panel on the right-hand corner. Hence, the user-friendly design makes it easy to operate.

What We Don’t Like


The microwave oven is not very durable. There might be issues in long-term use.


The Panasonic NN-CT353BFDG convection microwave oven is an ideal option for a family of four members. It is a convenient option that is worth its price. Moreover, it is the perfect convection oven that is capable of satisfying your food cravings.

You can easily prepare a variety of delicious dishes for your loved ones. Hence, the Panasonic NN-CT353BFDG convection microwave oven is an excellent choice that makes cooking convenient and enjoyable.

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Anaida Sutherland

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