Morphy Richards OTG Besta 52-Litre Oven Toaster Grill Review

The Morphy Richards OTG Besta comes with a large capacity of 52-liters, making it suitable for a family of 5-8 members. The model features a temperature control and cooking timer that assures precise cooking. These unique functions enable you to bake, grill, and roast food, without the fear of over-cooking or burning it.

The oven toaster grill is also powered by a motorized rotisserie that ensures the even grilling of food. The illuminated chamber allows you to monitor the cooking process. It also keeps the cooked food warm for a longer duration.

In this article, we have provided a detailed review of the Morphy Richards OTG Besta.


Capacity: 52-Liters

The large capacity of 52-liters assures sufficient space for cooking delicious food for a large family. It is suitable for up to 8 people.

Temperature Controller

The model features a temperature control that enables you to adjust the temperature to the desired level. It can be set to meet your cooking requirements. Moreover, it is capable of cooking various recipes precisely. The oven toaster grill also features a “keep warm” function that maintains the appropriate food temperature after cooking.

Cooking Timer: 120 Minutes

You can set the cooking timer of this oven toaster grill up to 120 minutes. The timer monitors the cooking process while you watch TV or multi-task. It notifies you when the cooking process is complete. Hence, it prevents food from being over-cooked or under-cooked.

Bake Mode

It comes with bake mode that is powered by the revolutionary ‘Smart Bake’ technology. The mode enhances your baking experience. It allows you to bake various delicacies, including cakes, cookies, biscuits, pizzas, and much more.

Motorized Rotisserie

The motorized rotisserie automatically rotates the food items on the rod for uniform distribution of heat. It is capable of grilling and roasting chicken and other food delicacies. You can prepare delicious kebabs and tikkas using this function.

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What Do We like

Mirror Finish Door

The mirror finish door brings out the style and elegance of the oven toaster grill. The modern design enhances the interiors of your contemporary kitchen.

Illuminated Chamber

The galvanized and rust-free inner chamber maintains the heat of the OTG for uniform cooking. The illuminated chamber allows you to monitor the cooking process closely.

Easy to Clean

The mirror finish doors and removable crumb tray makes the OTG model easy to clean and maintain. The removable crumb tray collects excess marinated drips to ensure a mess-free chamber. It also makes the removal of crumbs convenient.

What We Don’t Like

Plug Cord Length

The length of the oven toaster grill is short. It may cause inconvenience to the users who do not have a power socket near the countertop.


The Morphy Richards OTG Besta is capable of making what your heart desires. The large capacity of 52-liters makes it an ideal option for a large family. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Hence, the oven toaster grill is an excellent choice for those who love grilling and baking. Moreover, smart bake technology enhances your baking experience.

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Anaida Sutherland

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