Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven Review

The Morphy Richards Solo Microwave oven is capable of reheating, defrosting, and cooking food for a small family. It includes five power levels that enable you to adjust the temperature according to your cooking requirements. You can prepare delicious and mouthwatering delicacies with precision.

It also features an overheat sensory protection that automatically shuts off the operation in case of overheating. Hence, you can enjoy cooking with ease without the fear of over-cooking or burning food.

The model has a stylish design and a reflective mirror finish glass door, which complements any contemporary kitchen. It also comes with a 2-years comprehensive warranty that ensures the guarantee of the product.

Here we provide a detailed review of the Morphy Richards Solo Microwave Oven.


Capacity: 20 Liters

The Morphy Richards solo microwave oven comes with a capacity of 20-liters. It provides ample space for cooking delicious meals for bachelors and small families. It is ideal for a standard size dinner plate.

Knob Rotational Dial

It features rotational knob dials for precise control of the various microwave oven functions. The dial allows you to adjust the temperature and set the cooking timer according to your cooking requirements.

5 Power Levels

You can easily adjust the power levels of the microwave oven to set the temperature to the desired level. It enables you to cook with precision so that you obtain the perfect dish.

Defrost Function

The defrost function thaws the frozen food to the ideal temperature before cooking. It ensures even distribution of heat for uniform cooking. Hence, the microwave oven always ensures warm and mouthwatering delicacies.

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What Do We like

Stylish Design

The mirror finish door brings out the style and beauty of the microwave oven. The modern and elegant microwave oven with its reflective finishing enhances the interior of your kitchen.

Overheat Sensory Protection

The model includes an overheat sensory protection, which is an essential safety feature. It automatically shuts off the microwave oven in case of overheating. It prevents food from getting over-cooked or burnt and protects you from accidents and injuries.

Comprehensive Warranty

The model comes with a 2-years comprehensive warranty. Moreover, Morphy Richards is a leading brand that offers the best products with a brand guarantee.

What We Don’t Like

Inconvenient Operation

The knob dials are un-intuitive. They make the operation of the microwave oven a bit confusing. It might take time to get accustomed to the controls of this solo microwave oven.


The Morphy Richards Solo Microwave oven is a suitable choice for reheating and cooking food. It provides ample cooking space for a small family. The stylish model allows precise cooking because of its five different power levels.

It is a reliable option to consider for those looking for a solo microwave oven. Moreover, the mirror glass finish door and elegant design makes it perfect for any contemporary kitchen. It is compact and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen for easy access. Hence, it is a recommended option to consider buying.

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