IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven 17PM MEC 1 Review

The IFB MEC1 is a compact and white solo microwave oven brought to us by IFB. It is capable of cooking and reheating food for bachelors and small families. The model comes with a defrost function that allows you to defrost and cook frozen food items. You can also easily reheat cooked food to the right temperature before serving.

The solo microwave oven can help in the precise cooking of delicious dishes without the fear of over-cooking. It allows you to combine cooking modes to enhance your cooking experience. The 3-year warranty on magnetron and cavity makes the model a reliable option to consider buying.

Capacity: 17 Liters

The solo microwave oven comes with a capacity of 17 liters. It can defrost, cook, and reheat food for bachelors and small families of two to three members.

3 Auto Cook Menus

The model includes three auto cook menus that automatically adjust the temperature and cooking time according to the menu. It allows you to change the auto cook settings without having to cancel them.

5 Power Levels

The 5 power levels enable you to set the temperature of the microwave oven to the desired level. Hence, you can adjust the temperature according to your cooking requirement to obtain delicious and warm results.

Defrost Function

The defrost function thaws out the frozen food item before cooking. It automatically adjusts the temperature and cooking time of the frozen food to ensure uniform heating. The defrost function saves time and defrost food based on their weight.

245 mm Turntable

The microwave oven comes with a large turntable of 245 mm. It ensures uniform distribution of heat from the different heating positions. Hence, it provides deliciously cooked meals at all times.

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What Do We like

Jog Dials

The microwave oven is designed with jog dials that are easy to use. The durable controls allow you to set the temperature and cooking time with ease.

3-Year Warranty

The model comes with a 3-year warranty on its magnetron and powder coated cavity. Hence, it assures a hassle-free operation for the long-term.

Overheat Protection

The overheat protection safety feature shuts off the microwave oven in case of overheating. It prevents the food from getting over-cooked or burnt. It also safeguards you and your family from accidents and injuries.

Combination Cooking

It offers you the convenience of combining the microwave and grill modes. Hence, you can easily prepare delicious, brown, and crispy meals.

What We Don’t Like

Only 3 Auto Cook Menus

The IFB solo microwave oven comes with only three auto cook menus, which is less compared to other IFB models. It does not offer you the convenience of exploring a variety of flavors and cuisines.


The IFB MEC1 is an ideal solo microwave oven for a small family. It is a reliable choice for those in search of a compact, solo microwave oven. The 3-year warranty ensures convenient operation for a long duration. Hence, it is the perfect cooking partner that makes cooking convenient.

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