Haier 28 L Convection Microwave Oven HIL2810EGCF Review

The Haier HIL2810EGCF convection microwave oven is the perfect blend of innovation and elegance. It comes with a powerful magnetron that ensures its superior performance. The microwave oven, with a large capacity of 28-liters, is the ideal choice for a large family.

It offers convenience in the kitchen by saving your time and energy. The versatile functionalities allow you to grill, bake, reheat, and cook delicious food. It also features a defrost function that enables you to cook frozen food properly.

Here we have provided a detailed review of the Haier HIL2810EGCF convection microwave oven.

Capacity: 28-Liters

The Haier convection microwave oven features a capacity of 28-liters. The large capacity makes the oven capable of fulfilling the requirements of a large family of 4 to 5 members.


You can choose between different power levels to set the temperature of the oven according to your cooking needs. It also comes with smart sensors that detect the duration and heat until the food is cooked. The auto-cook function automatically adjusts the cooking time to prevent the food from being over-cooked or burnt.

Defrost Function

The oven offers you the convenience of choosing between two defrost functions, i.e., defrost by weight or time. It thaws and ensures the proper cooking of frozen food. Hence, you get warm and delicious food at all times.

Power- 940 watt

The power wattage of 940 watts ensures the superior performance of the convection oven. It allows you to combine grilling and convection heating for roasting, crisping, and browning of food.

Standby Mode

The standby mode feature conserves energy when the microwave oven is not in use. Hence, it helps in maximizing its energy efficiency.

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What Do We like

Minimalistic Design

The microwave oven features a sleek and minimalistic design with a black glass finish. The modern and sophisticated design complements the style of your contemporary kitchen. It enhances the look of your kitchen space.

Advanced Performance

The stainless steel cavity keeps your food warm and it offers protection against leakages. The versatile microwave oven is capable of grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting, and cooking food. Its advanced performance ensures convenience in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean

The steam cleaning facility eliminates grease and grime. Hence, the black glass exterior is easy to clean and maintain. It also features a single door with a pull handle for easy cleaning.


The model features a user-friendly control panel that comes with a sleek dial, four-digit display, and pre-programmed buttons. The controls are highly tactile and receptive, ensuring the convenient and smooth operation of the microwave oven.

What We Don’t Like

Control Panel

The poor quality of the tactile buttons is a drawback and could result in rusting.


The Haier 28 liter HIL2810EGCF is the ideal user-friendly convection microwave oven for a large family. It is known for its versatile functionalities that make cooking enjoyable and convenient. The minimalistic design of this microwave oven will add style and sophistication to your contemporary kitchen. Hence, this is one of our topmost recommendations for those looking for a convection oven.

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