Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor Review

Mangalam Organics Limited boasts of being the top-rated organization that deals in the manufacturing of camphor, resin, and sodium acetate.

It is a BSE-listed company that exports its high-quality products to various countries across the USA, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Mangalam Bhimseni camphor jar comes packed with high-quality camphor pieces. These are 100% pure camphor pieces that spread mood-lifting fragrances. These are ideally suitable for creating a divine atmosphere while performing meditation and pooja.

We have tried these camphor pieces and experienced the sweet fragrance to be effective in dispelling negativity, creating a positive aura, and uplifting mood.

Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor nbspReview


Pure 100% camphor

Mangalam Bhimseni camphor is prepared from 100% pure camphor. These pieces are derived from the pine tree.

It complies with international standards. This makes it ideal for leading pharmaceutical companies such as P&G and GSK.

These pieces contain highly pure camphor with waxy, flammable, and white solid form.   

No toxic chemicals

Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor Review

This bhimseni camphor does not contain any dangerous chemicals. It is absolutely safe to use and provides various therapeutic benefits.

Easy to burn

It is easy-to-burn camphor that features a convenient shape and size for effortless gripping. As it is pure camphor, it burns instantly.

We burn these camphor pieces and found that these are easily burnt without any hassles or much effort.

Long-Lasting Flames

This camphor produces long-lasting flames so that you can experience its amazing fragrance for long periods during your prayers or meditation session.

We reviewed these camphor pieces to see if they burn for a long period of time, and yes, they do!

Spread a refreshing fragrance

Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor Review 1

This bhimseni camphor produces an amazing refreshing aroma that fills the surroundings with positive vibes and dispels all negativity.

Mood Lifter

If you are tired after an exhausting day or feeling depressed or angry at something; simply relax and burn a few camphor pieces to experience amazing relaxation that lifts your mood quickly.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for those individuals who would like to spread positive and spiritual vibes in their immediate surroundings. It works great in refreshing your mood. It also works perfectly for prayers as it produces long-lasting flames.

It is also suitable for those individuals who practise meditation as it calms your nerves and provides immense relaxation.


Does Not Leave Residue

Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor Review 2

When we burned these camphor pieces, we don’t find any residue or ash left behind. 

These pieces burn instantly and evaporate completely without any sparking. This indicates that these are pure camphor pieces.

Suitable for use in a diffuser

Mangalam Bhimseni camphor spreads a refreshing and sweet fragrance that creates a positive aura in your surroundings and brings about a welcome change in energy levels. Thus, these pieces are suitable for use in a diffuser.

Great for Praying

Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor Review 3

We recommend using bhimseni camphor pieces for performing your prayers. As this camphor tablet is completely burned, it symbolizes the union with God according to Holy Scriptures. 

Burning this camphor during prayers is believed to remove negative energy and attract prosperity in the lives of devotees.


No side effects were observed so far with these pure bhimseni camphor pieces.


Our review of these bhimseni camphor pieces indicates that these are safe and easy-to-burn pieces. These pieces spread rejuvenating and refreshing fragrances. It adds a new dimension to your prayers.