Man Matters Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Review

Man Matters is a revolutionary healthcare brand that delivers personal health care products for men. It is India’s first holistic wellness platform catering to the matters related to men such as hair, skin, weight, hygiene, sleep, performance, etc.

Keto Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are formulated as lean weight gummies that effectively manage weight, improve digestive health, and curb excessive appetite.

This product boasts of India’s first sugar-free ACV gummies co-created with doctors. These ACV gummies are prepared from pure apple cider vinegar and fulfill the daily dietary requirement of ACV.

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Lush Green Apple Flavor

Man Matter ACV Inside Package

These ACV gummies are packed with the refreshing taste of green apple flavor. Their unique formulation provides all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without leaving any bad taste in your mouth.

When we tasted these gummies, we found them yummy. We never thought that there is a tasty way out for losing weight. What’s more appealing is that it does not contain any artificial or added flavors.

We have experienced the natural flavors of green apple and chicory root fiber in these gummies.

Low Calories and Dosage

Man Matters Keto ACV Nutritional Table

Every ACV gummy provides only 8 calories that is equivalent to consuming one shot of pure apple cider vinegar. It’s a much better alternative to traditional ACV in terms of taste and safety.

The package comes with a one-month supply of 30 gummies, and you only need to chew one gummy daily in the morning or anytime between the meals.

We checked out its ingredients and found that each gummy comprises zero fats, 0.68 gm carbohydrates, 2.72 gm fiber, and 500 mg apple cider vinegar. To experience the pronounced weight loss effect, take one gummy daily for 90 days.

No Added Sugar

When we checked the ingredients of these gummies, we observed that they are sugar-free gummies. This makes them ideal gummies for daily usage.

These can be easily consumed by obese people who don’t want to consume sugar.

Efficient Weight Management Formulation

These gummies are recommended for efficient weight management as they help in losing belly fat. With one gummy daily, you can get your daily dosage of ACV for efficiently managing your body weight.

The unique formulation of these gummies combines the goodness of ACV and Inulin. The consumption of ACV reduces BMI and causes weight loss, while the Inulin assists in regulating appetite and visceral fat reduction.

Together this combination makes up effective weight management therapy along with healthy as well as delicious offerings.

Our research indicates that it takes around 3 months for these gummies to be effective in a weight management program. We have also gone through the studies that suggested the role of ACV intake in weight loss.

Plant-based Ingredients

These gummies comprise plant-based ingredients, including Apple Cider Vinegar, Chicory Inulin, and Fiber.

The ACV acts by increasing the feeling of fullness and thereby results in fewer calorie consumption. It lowers blood sugar levels and allows you to lose visceral fat by following fitness workouts and a healthy diet.

The Chicory Inulin is a soluble plant fiber and a potent pre-biotic that ensures improved nutrients absorption from food intake. It provides multi-fold benefits like regulating appetite, improving digestive health, and ensuring better functioning of intestines.

The fiber content of the ACV gummies curbs appetite by maintaining the feeling of fullness. It avoids the habit of overeating as you don’t feel the cravings for junk foods.

After consuming these gummies for over a month, we have experienced improved digestion and reduced hunger pangs.

100% Vegan

These gummies offer a 100% vegan diet that is rich in fibers. This helps in maintaining excellent gut health and improves digestibility by easily breaking down the carbohydrates.

It is completely devoid of gelatin or other animal derivative ingredients. Instead, it is prepared from plant-derived pectin.


You can get a ketogenic diet by consuming these gummies. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels in your body when it is consumed during mealtime.

These gummies better the gall-bladder function and improve the gastric functionality for faster digestion.

Improves Metabolism

Man Matters Keto ACV Benefits

These gummies improve metabolism by ensuring healthy digestion, regulating blood sugar levels, and maintaining awesome gut health. This faster metabolism leads to accelerated weight loss.

Curbs Appetite

You will feel reduced cravings and hunger pangs with this delicious keto-supplement. The satiating properties of these gummies reduce calorie consumption.

We have read about the studies regarding the efficacy of ACV curbing appetite and found it to be helpful in feeling less hungry.

Boost Immunity

These gummies are also considered to enhance immunity and detoxify your body.

Best Suited for Whom



To be an effective aid to weight management, it takes a long period of 90 days.


Our research with these gummies indicates that these are 100% natural and vegan gummies that help you lose weight by improving metabolism, minimizing belly fat, curbing the appetite, increasing immunity, and detoxifying the body.

We recommend these delicious gummies as an integral addition to your weight loss regimen and the best way of consuming apple cider vinegar.