Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA Super Inverter Review

Luminous Power Technologies is a renowned and reliable brand that supplies high-quality products across various product categories like power backup, home electrical, and residential solar space. It offers inverter batteries, UPS, solar solutions, modular switches, LED lighting, fans, etc.

iCruze 4500 4KVA by Luminous is an innovative and high-performance inverter that is engineered for operating various high load capacity equipment such as geyser, refrigerator, washing machine, photocopiers, water pump, etc.

It is a smartly designed inverter that features super technology, super design, and super connectivity. 

It is suitable for providing impressive power backup at your home, offices, and other commercial establishments.

We have tested and reviewed this inverter and found it to be an excellent power backup solution that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted electricity availability throughout the year almost everywhere.

Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA Super Inverter Review


Pure sine wave output

It is a high-quality pure sine wave inverter that delivers pure sine wave output. It ensures a stable and uninterrupted electricity supply for operating heavy load appliances at home and offices.

This pure sine wave output ensures the optimal safety of your sensitive appliances.

4500 4KVA capacity

iCruze 4500 features a powerful 4500 KVA capacity that provides trustworthy and high-quality power backup solutions. It is equipped with super technology that is capable of running higher loads without requiring any additional batteries.

It provides a peak load capacity of 3200 watts and supplies an output voltage of 220V (inverter mode). Thus, it saves upfront costs of the batteries by working with the same number of batteries, unlike other inverters.

You can use it for running more load with the same or fewer batteries. It not only saves an additional cost of 1 battery and also features 300 VA of extra load handling capability.

Supports three batteries in a compact design

It is a super inverter that houses 3 batteries in a compact design. This provides improved efficiency and enhanced load handling. This saves one battery compared to other normal inverters with the same capacity that take 4 batteries to run the same load.

It features an intelligent battery charging algorithm that optimizes the charging current as per the capacity of the batteries.

LCD display

Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA Super Inverter LCD display

iCruze 4500 has a smart and user-friendly LCD display that features efficient control buttons. It helps you to easily view and check inverter battery performance statistics such as battery charging time, fault indications, back-up time, percentage load running on the inverter, etc.

It is an advanced LCD display that features user-settable parameters on the front panel including battery capacity, battery type, mode selection (ECO/UPS), control buttons for no-load shutdown prevention, etc.

Robust protection

It provides robust protection with multiple fault detection indications including overload, over-temperature, short circuit, and battery deep discharge. Moreover, it provides AC MCB, DC MCB, by-pass switch, and no-load shutdown prevention.

Bypass Switch

This super inverter features a handy bypass switch for bypassing the UPS in event of any fault with the UPS.

Without any wiring changes, it ensures an uninterrupted supply of the output directly from the mains in case of a fault in the inverter.

Adaptive Battery Charging Control technology

iCruze model features adaptive battery charging control system technology (ABCC) that provides quick battery charging functionality and improves your battery life.

Super Connectivity

iCruze is a smart inverter that provides robust connectivity with Android/iOS app and GSM/Wi-Fi connectivity. You can easily connect it with an external Luminous connect dongle.

It ensures seamless connectivity with the iCruze mobile App that can be downloaded on your smartphone from the Android and the Apple play store.

You can check the following statistics on your application dashboard.

  • When running in the inverter mode, you can view the percentage of load running on the inverter, percentage of battery available, and backup time of current load
  • When running in the Mains mode, you can view the percentage of battery charged, time remaining for completely charging the battery, and input voltage.
  • You can also view the data of power cut trends at your office or home for the past 1 year.


This inverter is compatible with 3 * (12V) batteries with 60Ah – 220 Ah capacity. It supports a wide range of batteries including SMF, Tubular, and flat plate batteries.


It provides 24 months of warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


Seamless mobile control

We had downloaded the iCruze mobile App from the google play store on our smartphone and connected this inverter with it. 

It provides convenient and seamless control via the app. We were able to access detailed statistics of inverter battery performance on our smartphone. 

We had analyzed the power cut trends and tested real-time power backup and charging time. We received timely notifications on our smartphone and we had successfully tested the battery health and input voltage through the app.

Powerful Wireless Connectivity 

When we tested the wireless connectivity of this inverter, we found that it allowed us to stay connected wirelessly via the smartphone and provided the flexibility of efficient wireless control.

Safe for sensitive appliances 

As it delivers pure sine wave output, it provides robust safety for sensitive appliances like washing machine, geyser, laptops, refrigerator, printers, etc. 

It provides low harmonic distortions and effective prevention against short-circuits, over-loading, and over-temperature conditions. 

ECO Mode

You can operate this inverter in the ECO mode that provides good savings on electricity bills by consuming less power.

Easy Installation 

This inverter can be easily installed within a few minutes by following the steps mentioned in the instruction manual. We were able to install it successfully without any hassles.


It does not come with batteries and you need to purchase them separately.


In our research, we found the iCruze 4500 4KVAto be a robust and efficient inverter that is packed with advanced features like Android/Apple mobile app control, the bypass switch, GSM/Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD display, and convenient battery maintenance.

We recommend it for stable and hassle-free power availability for running your home and commercial appliances whenever there are long periods of power shut-downs.