ASUS VivoBooK X540MA-GQ024T 15.6 inch Laptop Review

The Asus VivoBook X540 laptop is designed with a processor of 4GB RAM. The Intel Celeron N4000 will be able to handle all your computing activities and your pleasure needs. The laptop which currently runs on the latest Windows 10 operating system is very affordable and will last long.

The laptop is great for gaming and streaming movies online. It also has a large storage memory for your files. The Asus laptop can stand closely with laptops from popular brands like HP because of its quality. It has a warranty of one year and is made with durable materials.


The lightweight Asus laptop will be comfortable to carry around because of its portable size. It has a very attractive design and a large 15.6 inch HD screen that will give you fantastic viewing for your photos, movies, and games.

Expansive Audio

The Asus SonicMaster technology which is a combination of great hardware and software will give you audio clarity. The laptop has large speakers and amplifiers that will deliver high-quality sound for your music and games. The sound settings can also be fine-tuned to deliver optimum bass quality and to filter the noise for a clearer tune.

Asus Splendid Technology

The 15.6-inch display gives you an HD quality viewing. Users can adjust the settings of the color display with the Asus Splendid Technology. This software allows you to alter the default color settings by choosing the color temperature that either makes your screen colors richer. The laptop has four visual modes that you can click on for your movies and photo viewing.

ASUS Eye Care

The laptop will protect your eyes by eliminating the major cause of retinal problems which is the light coming from the display panels. Most laptops have LED panels that emit blue light that affects the eyes. The Asus Eye Care technology reduces the level of the blue light to make viewing comfortable and reduce eye fatigue.


You can type comfortably on the Asus VivoBook X540 chiclet keyboard. The keyboard has 1.8mm of key travel that allows you to type smoothly.

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What Do We like

Cooling Technology

This Asus laptop does not get hot like most laptops. The laptop is designed with a smart cooling technology that regulates the temperature of the laptop all the time. You can use it for hours and the temperature will remain the same.


The laptop is light and very portable. You can take it along with you even when traveling. It can fit in your luggage without adding extra weight that will cause you discomfort.

What We Don’t Like


Even though the laptop has adequate memory, it would be even better if the 500GB could be a 1TB internal memory.


The Asus VivoBook X540 will be a great laptop to buy especially because of its powerful processor. The laptop has so many features that will be useful for all your projects. It has a very good performance and will be great for your entertainment as well as your work.


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