ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL202T 15.6 inch Laptop Review

Asus is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable gaming laptops in the technology industry. They have developed a cutting edge technology that offers an award-winning NVIDIA Tutoring Architecture that gives excellent graphics for gamers. The Asus FX505 gaming laptop gives you a high definition experience when playing the latest and popular fast-paced games on your computer.

You will experience gaming as you have never seen on a laptop with this Asus laptop. Asus has continued to top the charts by including this Innovation for game lovers.

Ultra-Fast Display

This gaming laptop comes in a very slim and sleek design that makes it comfortable to carry around. The Asus FX505 gaming laptop has an ultrafast IPS-level panel that gives you high-quality colors for your gaming. You will appreciate the view while standing at various angles around your laptop.

Game-ready Performance

This Asus laptop comes with very incredible and amazing programs to keep you entertained. It has been programmed to give you the best live streaming and gaming experience. The laptop uses a high-quality AMD Ryzen processor that allows you multitask easily and has a very fast speed performance. Your games won’t crash or freeze while you play.

RGB-Backlit Keyboard

This Asus laptop comes with a game ready keyboard that offers an RGB backlighting feature. You won’t find it difficult typing with this keyboard because of its HyperStrike technology that comes with a highlighted WASD key set that is inspired by the desktop computer keyboard. You will easily identify the functions of all the keys on the keyboard. The keyboard is durable and comes with a 0.25mm Keycap curve that allows it to withstand hard pressure on the keys.

High-performance Memory

Another great feature of this laptop is its memory. The Asus FX505 gaming laptop has a high-performance processor with a 32GB memory for effective performance.


This laptop has a powerful GPU power that works with the NVIDIA Creator Ready drivers to speed up the performance and make the system function well to boost your creativity. The NVIDIA Optimus is responsible for improving the graphics and extending the battery life of your laptop.

Hypercool Technology

The Asus gaming laptop has an HyperCool Technology that also comes with an anti-rust cooling and hyper fan system to boost your laptop’s performance. You can play your game for countless hours and it will remain cool all through.

Immersive DTS Surround Sound

The impressive sound quality of this laptop is another great feature to look out for. The Asus FX505 laptop uses a DTX Headphone X technology that produces a high studio quality audio for great gaming and movie experience.

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What Do We like

Accessible Ports

The gaming laptop has ports that include one 2.0 USB port,  two 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, and an HDMI 2.0 port that can all be found on the left side of the laptop.

Unified System Tuning

The gaming laptop has all the control features including the laptop’s lighting controls in one single utility. You can easily make all the changes to improve your gaming experience.

What We Don’t Like

No such .cons were observed


The Asus FX505 gaming laptop is a must-buy especially if you want to enjoy playing your games. The quality laptop has a very powerful processor that allows you to play your game for hours long without any interruption.

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