Asus Rog Zephyrus S GX701GXR-EV025T 17.3 inch Laptop Review

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 laptop is a gaming laptop that offers you the best experience while playing your games. It falls in the category of the top laptops that will be great for playing games in 2019. The laptop comes with high-end specifications that make it compete with well-known brands in the market.

This gaming laptop uses a high-speed 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H Processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q Design to give you the best feeling when playing games. The benefit of this high-performance hardware is that you get to enjoy the amazing levels of AAA gaming performance.

The laptop also comes with other amazing functions that allow you to do other productive things.

Compact 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

You will be completing immersed in your large screen display even when you are playing your best computer games or watching your favorite movies on this laptop. The very slim design of this gaming laptop makes the ROG Zephyrus S the smallest in its class. You can easily fit it in your bag and carry it around all day long.

Responsive GPU

The laptop comes with a powerful ROG-exclusive GPU switch. You can enjoy your gaming while at the same time enjoy a long battery life. The system allows you to use a G-SYNC mode that automatically synchronizes your display and your GPU to keep your system fully responsive and avoid any system crash that would interrupt your game.

Turing-Powered Graphics Technology

The laptop’s graphic which is credited to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX with Max-Q Design graphics is top-notch. It gives you a high-resolution picture and video quality to enable you to enjoy your games and movies better.

Smarter Cooling for Faster Performance

This feature is one of the solutions developed by ASUS to solve the heating problem in most laptops today. The laptop has a special ROG Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) that improves the performance of your gaming activities. The laptop has an anti-rust tunnel that that filters the heat sink so that it stays cool for a long time even when you are using the system for hours.

Incredible Sound Powered by Smart amp

The Smart amplifier technology allows you to control the volume wheel to the maximum without damaging t cones. When you plug in your headset, you will get a very clear virtual surround sound that will keep you deeply immersed in your game.


The laptop has support for charging either by DC or  Type-C charging. The USB charging support allows you to charge your laptop using portable power banks when you don’t have near access to a wall socket. The fast charging feature allows you to power up your laptop quickly.

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What Do We like

Full HD Display

You will enjoy playing games and watching movies on this laptop because of the captivating picture quality. The laptop plays videos with high-quality colors and the 17inch display is just the best.

Gaming Experience

The processor of this laptop is very powerful and the laptop is designed with top-notch specifications that allow you to enjoy the smooth play. The laptop does not slow down or crash when playing games.

What We Don’t Like


This laptop does not come with an in-built camera. You will need to install an external camera to do your live video streaming.


We will recommend that you buy this gaming laptop not only because of its price but its incredible performance. You will enjoy playing uninterrupted games. This powerful gaming laptop is worth every penny.


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