Whirlpool 60 cm 1150 m3/hr Chimney (AKR 604 PLATINUM BK HOOD) Review

Whirlpool creates an innovative product to do things the way you want them to. This chimney comes with a high suction power of 1150 m3/hr. It is capable of generating suction to fit all kinds of cooking. The chimney comes with a size of 60cm and a curved glass shape. It has a convenient noise level. It can be wall-mounted and comes with a unique baffle filter feature.

Suction power

This chimney comes with impressive suction power. It has a suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr. and also comes with a filter to effectively remove fumes and smoke from your kitchen. The suction is also capable of addressing all issues.

Baffle filter

This filter comes with unique material; this material makes the filter to effectively eliminate unhealthy smoke and grease from your kitchen. It ensures a clean environment when you’re cooking.


The size of this chimney is compact; it comes with black color with a curved glass shape. The chimney comes with a stainless steel body finish. Its beauty complements your kitchen’s décor, and also enhancing its elegance.

LED Lamps

This chimney comes with two LED lamps at the edges to give you the perfect light. These lamps give you light needed to look at what you cook.

Push controls

The push controls offer an easy way to operate this appliance.


The capacity of this chimney is great; it has functional suction, convenient power, and voltage. This chimney runs on electricity and its airflow’s performance is excellent. Now, you can cook your favorite meal hassle-free without any disturbance.

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What Do We like

Easy to use

This chimney is easy and simple to use. It leaves your kitchen looking clean, fresh, and smoke-free. The design is sleek and easy to clean, its baffle filter ensures oil and grease are filtered out quickly. The capacity is also great, making sure you have a smooth operation whenever it’s in use.


The chimney is durable and doesn’t develop faults easily.


The quality of this chimney is excellent. It ensures to deliver high-quality performance whenever it’s in use.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were obsereved.


This chimney allows you to have a delightful cooking experience whenever it’s in use. It comes with durable features like excellent suction capacity, LED light, inbuilt illuminator, baffle filter, and matt black finish to deliver beauty to your kitchen. Its unique shape is also an added advantage to your kitchen.

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