Whirlpool 60cm 1150 m3/hr Chimney (ACTI FRESH 6W TA HOOD) Review

Whirlpool produces devices that help you manage your home well, these devices are faster to use, easier, and smarter. It comes with a high suction power that addresses all kinds of cooking. It makes sure you can deep fry without fear of oil deposits. The parts of this chimney are durable and it comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty and eleven years of additional warranty on the motor, rotor and mechanical controls.


It comes with a beautiful silver color and a steel body finish. It runs mainly on electricity. The chimney is well-positioned to make your kitchen look neat, pleasant, and smoke-free. This chimney comes with a box shape design and unique touch control.


The capacity of this chimney is functional and it comes with high power and a voltage. The suction power helps to take in oil and smoke particles whenever you are cooking. Now, you can prepare your food quickly and peacefully, which is the low noise level between 58 dB and a suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr.


It comes with touch control. The controls are easy to use to have the desired kitchen atmosphere. With this touch control, you can set the chimney’s settings to whatever settings you like easily. The touch control offers maximum comfort and convenience. This touch control helps to operate light, different fan speed levels to allow ease of operation.

Baffle filter

The baffle filter is made of stainless steel, which ensures durability and comforts. It works efficiently by making oil and other residues to settle inside the baffle.


This chimney comes with energy-efficient LED bulbs. It keeps your kitchen bright and heat-free at all times. It gives an adequate amount of lighting when cooking, which makes your cooking experience interesting and fun.

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What Do We like

Powerful motor

it comes with a motor that has a high performance. This motor lets the fan spin much faster, maintaining a quiet and very steady operation.

Functional suction capacity

It comes with a high capacity and noiseless operation. It prevents smoke from escaping the chimney, which in turn keeps the kitchen neat and fresh.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were obsereved.



This chimney is a great chimney with useful features for convenient, it also comes with a low noise operation. This operation makes sure you don’t lose concentration while cooking and dining. The product is also easy to clean and maintain.

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