Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr Chimney (Hood Tender 3D) Review

Faber is one of the best kitchen hood manufacturers in the world, and its headquarters is located in Italy. This chimney has a size of 60cm, which is suitable for two to four stove burners, and it is wall mounted. It comes with a suction capacity of 1295 m3/hr. And it is ideal for kitchen less than 200 sqft with heavy frying and grilling. This chimney comes with a higher suction area, noise reduction, and better grease reduction.


The maximum noise level of this chimney is 58dB. The voltage and wattage capacity of this chimney is excellent. It runs strictly on electricity for convenience and efficiency.


The design of this chimney is fantastic; it comes in a pyramid shape, and it is built with steel material. The chimney comes with a steel/grey color and shape that distinguish it from other traditional chimneys. The baffle filter is made of stainless steel material, which technology perfect for oily Indian kitchen. The baffle filter needs to be cleaned every six months to maintain its effectiveness and efficiency.

LED light

This chimney comes with LED bulbs that begins with little heat and produces high brightness. It also helps to illuminate the kitchen when there’s no available lighting. The bulbs consume less energy, and they’re functional, durable, and brilliant.


This chimney comes with push-button control, which is simple to operate. It comes with a three-speed push button and a separate button for light. The control gives you flexibility in administering the light.


The motor is operational and efficient. It ensures all unwanted air and oil are removed effectively. The motor ensures lesser noise, long durability, and better grease reduction.

3D suction capacity

This chimney comes with a unique 3D suction capacity. The 3D suction capacity removes the fumes and grease effectively. It scoops out the smoke faster and gives the best in class suction power with it unique shape.

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What Do We like


The product is relevant and convenient to use. It doesn’t consume a lot of power whenever it is in use. This product will save you cost and energy


It comes with twelve years’ warranty motor and rotor. It also comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty which is sufficient and useful. The warranty solves issues that may occur during usage.

Noise level

It produces lesser noise to deliver a calm environment. It also eliminates noise and allows you to cook effectively without disturbances.

What We Don’t Like

It doesn’t come with a charcoal filter or duct kit.


This Faber chimney comes with excellent performance. It comes with a superb suction power, which is better than a conventional exhaust fan. The LED bulbs are bright enough, which also makes it convenient for night cooking. You choose either a duct or a ductless for this model for easy installation and comfort. The unique 3D suction capacity makes it easy for the chimney to remove grease and fumes quickly from the kitchen.

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