Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer Review

Prestige is a well-known brand in Indian households for a very long time. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watts Centrifugal Juicer is the latest introduction by Prestige to its juicer category.

The juicer comes with the most powerful and convenient design is made to fulfill the on the go juicing requirements of individuals.


The juicer is a powerful and compact gadget for your kitchen that occupies just half the space as compared to other juicers 

Rotary Switch

The juicer has an in-built rotary switch and dual locking system for easy handling and cleaning

Motor Capacity

The juicer has a heavy-duty 500W motor that is ideal for heavy-duty juicing requirements.

Easy to Clean

The product can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can even be washed with soap when needed


The product is made up of ABS plastic and stainless steel which has rustproof properties 

Vacuum Feet

The juicer comes pre-installed with vacuum feet that make it stick to the kitchen slab thereby eliminating the possibility of slippage 

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What Do We like

Impressive Design

The juicer looks premium and very appealing to eyes


The price of under inr5000 is perfect for the number of features it gives. Similar counterparts are priced at a much higher price.

Limited Vibrations

The juicer is sturdy with very limited or neutral vibrations which makes it quite smooth and doesn’t leave spillovers due to shaking 


The juicer comes with a 500W motor and can handle the juicing of tough fruits and vegetables very easily. The robust motor makes the operation of juicer very smooth and effortless

Sharp Blades

The juicer has sharp blades that make juicing seamless. It is good news for people who are not satisfied with their juicers and complain of the chunks that remain without getting crushed or juiced.

Easy to assemble

The product comes with limited attachments, which render it very easy and quick to use. The juicer comes with a detachable power cord, so the user is saved from the irritation of the tangling of the cord.

Portable and Handy

The juicer is very compact and light and can be carried anywhere with ease as compared to those bulky juicers that come with a lot of attachment which render them immovable 


This is a very nice feature to have to keep your juicer safe from falling. The vacuum feet make the juicer very stable and do not shake when the user is operating it. 

Deseeding is perfect

The juicer wonderfully separates seeds from the fruits and vegetables and does not grind seeds that result in the bitter taste of the juice.

What We Don’t Like

Less Warranty

Comes with just 1-year warranty as compared its counterparts that come with a warranty of a minimum two years


This juicer is the best pick for a large family for their daily juicing needs and also ideal for the people who don’t want to spend a lot of time fixing juicing attachments to a processor for a simple task of juice extraction. The juicer extracts the juice from very tough fruits and vegetables very quickly with minimum efforts.

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