Prestige Nakshatra Plus Mixer Grinder Review

Prestige is a reputed name in Indian households and has been serving the homemakers with its multiple product ranges like cookers, cooktops, inductions, and cookware.

Prestige Nakshatra Plus 750-Watt Mixer Grinder by Prestige is one of the best mixer grinders in the category. The mixer grinder is a wonderful premium looking product that is well suited for all juicing, mixing and grinding requirements in the kitchen.



The grinder is a powerful and compact gadget for your kitchen that occupies just half the space as compared to other products in the category 


The grinder comes with three stainless steel jar attachments each one suited for specific ingredient grinding needs like fine, medium or coarse

Sharp Blades

The blades are made of stainless steel and very sharp to give the user the right results when operating it


The grinder comes with a 2-year product warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor

Easy to Clean

The product can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can even be washed with soap when needed

Dome size lid

The product comes with a dome size lid to accommodate extra ingredients

Sturdy Handles

The handles on the jars are quite sturdy and facilitate easy handling and gripping

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What Do We like

Premium Design

The grinder looks premium and very appealing to eyes with a mirror finish


The mixer grinder comes with a 750W motor and can handle the grinding of vegetables and other items with ease. The robust motor makes the operation of the mixer grinder very quick and effortless

Sharp Blades

The product has sharp blades and gives you the exact finesse required

Portable and Handy

The product is very compact, and light as compared to those heavyweight mixer grinders  that come with a lot of attachments

Warranty on motor

The five years warranty on the motor is the unique selling proposition of the product. Anybody looking to buy this product can enjoy free replacement and repair services for the motor for five long years


The product comes with a potent motor which makes it run for long durations without any complaints and faults

What We Don’t Like

There were no negative points for this product


This mixer grinder is a perfect choice for people who have varied grinding requirements and do not want to waste time figuring out how long they should operate the machine and at what speed to achieve the grinding results they desire. This mixer grinder caters to such needs entirely and is tailor-made for customized grinding needs. 

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