Prestige Deluxe VS Mixer Grinder Review

Prestige is the choice for all Indian households for their kitchenware needs for a very long time. The company has been in the business for 70 long years and is knows for making high-quality products.

Prestige Deluxe VS 110 Volts 750 Watt mixer grinder is an all in 1 product from Prestige and gives the much-needed power and reliability that every homemaker looks for in a food processor.

Motor Capacity

The product comes with a 750W powerful motor that is perfect for robust mixing and grinding tasks

3 in 1

The product comes with three stainless steel jars of different capacities of 1.5-liter, 1 liter, and 300 ml. Different type of ingredients can be grinded in the three jars according to the requirement 

Vibrant Color

The product comes in a very bright purple candy and white color that adds to the looks of your kitchen cabinet


The product comes with a 2-year warranty that depicts that the product is durable 

Unbreakable jars

The jars are ultra-safe to handle and can be used without the fear of them breaking while handling or washing

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What Do We like

Jar Safety lock

The operation of the jar is very safe. The product doesn’t start operating till the time it is not locked properly

Smooth and Powerful

The 750W motor makes the operation of the product very smooth and facilitates heavy-duty grinding and mixing with zero efforts and ease

Super-Efficient Blade

The blades installed in each of the jars are very sharp and specifically designed to give the desired mixing and grinding results 

Easy Handling

Provided with handles with good gripping properties. This eliminates the chances of the jar slipping off hands when in use

Overload protector

There is an overload button at the front of the machine that helps identify if the jars are overstuffed and need extra caution

Easy Cleaning

The jars are light and easy to clean. There is absolutely no difficulty in rinsing or washing the jars.


The product is long-lasting and works for years without any technical difficulties

What We Don’t Like

The quality of this product could be better


A compact, beautiful, and powerful machine to have in the kitchen. The food processor is an all in 1 deal that is perfect for all the grinding, mixing, juicing needs of a household.

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