Items You Should Never Put in your Washing Machine

Doing laundry is not a big deal, but you will be stunned to know that there are many clothing items that you cannot put in the washing machine for washing. It might seem very easy, put some detergent, and then pressing a button is all it takes. Have you ever considered that one wrong step might be the cause that ruins your favorite dress?

Whether you’re doing it for a long time or have just started, make sure to go through this article to know what things to avoid from putting it into the washer.

Things you should never put into the washer


Suits are made of high-quality fabrics. Washing it into a washer might tear the fabric or shrink it even in the lowest setting. Take it to a dry cleaner for better cleaning.

Knit hats

The fabric of a knit hat cannot withstand a spin cycle in the washer. It will be ruined. Wash it by hand with a mild detergent to maintain its softness.

Embellished garments

The embellishments of your cloth will easily tear in the washer. They are hand-sewn and very delicate. If they are glued to your clothes, the hot water will break down the adhesive and will be removed eventually. Either hand wash them or take them to dry cleaners.

Flammable stains

The primary purpose of a washing machine is to remove stains, but there are few stains that you might have to remove by yourself. Things like cooking oil, alcohol are highly flammable, and clothes covered with them in the washer may lead to a fire. Handwash the item to avoid this risk.


Handwash your swimsuits for their longevity. Putting them into the washer may cause them to lose their elasticity quicker than usual. The material is usually non-resistant to heat.

Running sneakers

Yes, you can wash your regular sneakers in a washing machine without facing any issue. Putting the running sneakers into the washer is not a good idea. Athletic sneakers going through a spin cycle will come out smaller than before.


These expensive leather purses should never, ever set foot in the washing machine. The machine will not only harm the material of the bag but also mess up the zippers and any embellishments too.


Raincoats are waterproof. How do you think it is going to soak up the water of the washing process for a good cleaning? Instead, when the raincoat is washed, it traps the water like a balloon until it explodes.

Clothes covered in pet hair

If you have a pet in your house, then you are going to have excessive pet hair on your clothes. Just don’t put those clothes directly into the washer before removing the fur. Wet fur will stick to the side of the machine, clog the drain pipes. Try using a lint roller to get rid of those hairs and then put them in the washer.

Unzipped zippers

You can wash jeans or trousers with zippers. Before you put them into the washer, make sure the zippers are closed. If it’s not closed, it can get caught with the other clothing items and cause some severe damage.

Excess detergent

The common misconception in people is that if they put more detergent in the machine, the clothes will be cleaner. Excess detergent can ruin your favorite piece of clothing. Using more detergent won’t ensure thorough cleaning of your clothes, leaving them covered in soapy residue. Every soap comes with a recommended usage limit for a wash.


Ties are usually made of sensitive fabrics like silk or wool. Washing them in a washing machine may lead to color loss, shrinkage, or damage. Maintain the quality of your tie by taking them to a dry cleaner.

Excess water

Like excess detergent, excess water is also not recommended for proper cleaning. Adding more water than required, can cause the top-loading washing machines to become unbalanced and tip over.


Sweaters made of materials like wool or velvet will get ruined if you put them into a washer. These materials cannot withstand the rotation cycle and may come out shrunk too. Using a mesh laundering bag will only reduce the exposure to the fabric. It is better to hand wash them.


Make sure to double-check your shirt/coat pockets before you toss them into the washing machine. If a pen sneaks into the washer through your coat pocket, it could explode in the wash and get ink stains on everything in the machine.


Washing your bra in the washer might not be ideal. The machine can seriously damage the bra’s underwire, and the hooks may get caught by other clothing items resulting in tears. You are better off hand-washing bras.

Stuffed animal

Stuffed animals are safe to be washed in the washing machine along with your laundry. Then again, there’s always a chance that the washer will pop off an eye or a button maybe. If the stuffed animal you are going to wash is the one you adore, you might want to skip taking that kind of risk and wash it by your hand.

Lace garments

Lace is a very delicate and fragile net-like pattern cloth. It is not shocking that this fragile piece of garment cannot withstand the cleaning cycle. They will tear apart, so you are better off washing them by hand.


These are the lesser-known items that shouldn’t go into the washer. They can cause some serious damage to your clothes. Prevent that from happening by double-checking everything.

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