Is Air Cooler good for health?

Air coolers are helpful cooling systems especially if you are living in a hot and dry area. A good number of households are considering these personal or desert air coolers nowadays because of the great advantages they offer compared to air conditioners.

Aside from being an economical alternative, they are also eco-friendly, easy to install, and portable. Plus, you can easily find air cooler under your budget. 

A lot of debates have been made regarding the comparison between air conditioners and air coolers in terms of their safety to humans. Air conditioners are considered to be harmful because it just circulates the internal air of the room continuously.

Thus, the air is not that fresh. Air conditioners also use Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HFC) as the refrigerant, which is very harmful to the environment. And what is harmful to the environment is also harmful to human health.

However, this is not the case for Air coolers. There are many reasons why air coolers are good for health. Some of these reasons are the following.

Why air coolers are good for health

It uses water as a refrigerant

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers use water as their refrigerant instead of the CFC and HFC. Thus, it is safer not only to the environment but also to human health. This natural air cooling is proven to be effective even though it does not rely on harmful chemical coolants.

Provides better quality of air

Air coolers work by pulling the warm air from the outside and then cool it down when it passes the water in the air cooler tank. The result is cool moist air. This means that the air produced is not super dry, thus, making it an ideal quality of air for indoor areas. Air coolers offer air that is preferred by people suffering from asthma or pollen and dust allergies.

Sanitizes the air 

Air coolers are good for health because it uses natural cooling. It produces the right amount of moisture to combat the potential health hazards that come with dry air such as sinusitis and nose bleeds. It also sanitizes the water to kill the bacteria in the air. If the humidity is maintained under a certain level, it could prevent the growth of molds, dust mites and other bacteria.


Although there are many arguments regarding air coolers causing bacterial and fungal growth, these are not supported by any scientific evidence or explanation. In fact, in some countries with a tropical climate, air coolers are proven to be a great help in cooling rather than any health concerns. 


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