How to Organize Your Refrigerator

So you’ve got a new refrigerator in your kitchen and wondering how to organize it? Well, stick with this guide and make sure everything is in the right place. Many people have a tendency of sticking their shopping where they can squeeze it. 

Apart from a neat appearance, organizing your refrigerator will also make it easier for you to keep track of your supplies. You wouldn’t want to realize in the middle of the night that you are out of milk, right? 

Tips to keep your fridge organized.

The Upper Shelves

You would want to make the ready-to-eat food easily accessible. The upper shelves are your best bet in this case because one sees them first the moment they open the fridge door. Such food includes yogurt, drinks, and leftovers. 

Lower Shelves

The raw ingredients that you’ll be using to cook dishes will go to the lower shelves. These may include eggs and raw meat that will be included in your future recipes. Sometimes you might have too much ready-to-eat food; the extra ones can go to these shelves so long as they are above the raw ingredients.

Use Hanging Baskets 

Your fridge’s space may not be enough for all your food, but there is a hack you can utilize. There several basket designs in the market that can be held on the inner fridge walls using sanction cups. Buy the ones you like and stick them in strategic positions.

These types are hanging baskets are suitable for spacious refrigerators like side by side fridge.

These baskets can be used to store small and light products such as string cheese. Just make sure that you don’t squeeze your food together because that can be disadvantageous. The technique is best suited for the upper shelves. 

File organizers can also come in handy if you have chopped veggies in small containers. You may also store your snacks and pouch drinks here instead of squeezing them all over the fridge. 

As such, it will be a lot easier to get to some of your ready-to-eat food without having to remove everything else in the fridge.

Curtain Ring Clips

Yes, these can do more than just hang your door or window curtains. If there is some bagged food such as lettuce, it would be prudent to hang them rather than place them on the shelves. 

Some of these bags cover a lot of space, which makes it tougher to arrange your fridge. It is one of the simplest methods but among the most effective too. 

Keep Your Perishables in The Cooler Drawer 

If you keep some of the perishables in the wrong drawer, you might find yourself throwing away food quite often. Keep in mind that each drawer has varying conditions from the rest; at least for most refrigerator brands

As such, it would be better to know which food goes where before you start your storage process. See the trick to avoid spoiling food in the refrigerator.

The low humidity drawer is suitable for fruits. So, the next time you buy grapes or apples, you should store them here. Bear in mind that not all fridges have this shelf. But for those that have it, it is labeled “crisper” or “low humidity.” One thing though, don’t store the produce in tight plastic bags.

Use Drawer Dividers

Once you have decided on the position of every food type, it would be better to divide the drawers into various compartments. Put your fruits on one side and group the veggies together too. Separating your stuff this way will reduce the risk of contamination.

Door Compartments

Keep in mind that this is the warmest part of your fridge. As such, you should only store condiments in this area. Putting your milk or eggs here is not recommended as the environment is favorable for the multiplication of bacteria. 


The arrangement of your fridge may determine the lifespan of some of your food. Squeezing various items together encouraged contamination which could lead to losses. 

Designate every area of your fridge for specific foodstuffs from fresh veggies to yogurt and drinks. In addition to having the ready-to-eat food on the upper shelf, try and label each bag for easier tracking of your supplies. 

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