How to Hang Christmas lights?

Christmas is a holiday when everyone hangs Christmas lights all around the house and the x-mas tree as well. Before you proceed, you are going to need a strategy regarding lighting, decoration, and safety measures.

Let’s discuss in an organized way how to hang Christmas lights with proper planning and execution.

Tips on how to hang Christmas lights


When the season of holidays comes knocking at your door, you want your home to look beautiful. That requires planning. Make sure you have bought lights that you can hang wherever you want. The long strands are preferable than the short ones because they look better after you hang them on doors or windows.

Know the approximate count of decorative lights that you are going to need to decorate your house and the tree. Buy the 100 C9 bulb strands that you can hang at the entrance gate of your home or the exterior part of the home.

Choosing lights

Choosing the correct bulbs for your home is the central part. You have to know your house and should be done planning on which places in your home you want to decorate. According to that data, start selecting flashy lights.

If you are going for the C7 bulbs, then go for a longer strand, and if you are planning to buy C9’s, then a little bit shorter strand will get the job done. The recommended way is to measure the room and the tree first then decide if you require a long strand or a short one.

The Christmas lights that are usually sold in the market are 5-10 watts, so electricity is not an issue here. You can also go with miniature bulbs as they are very cheap yet look pretty good on the Christmas tree. If the budget is not a problem as well, then set up an x-mas tree outside your home as well and decorate it with miniature and C7 bulbs. You can use any of these lights below –

  • Mini string lights
  • Mini LED lights
  • C7 or C9 bulbs
  • Animated lights (Bit costly)
  • Net lights
  • Neon lights

Safety precautions and other important things to consider

Doing any electrical work needs an extra amount of safety precautions. It is always risky, and you should be careful during the whole process. First of all, when you have bought the lights or have taken out the last year’s lights from the basement, test them out thoroughly. Check if any of them needs repairing or needs to be replaced. In a strand of 50 lights, if 5-7 lights are disputed, then the whole thing will look bad.

Secondly, double-check if there is any leakage or any fault in the wires, which could be hazardous. Last but not least, try to finish decorating the exterior of your home during the daytime.

Hang the x-mas lights

Follow these steps below to hang the Christmas lights inside and outside of your home –

  • Start with the inside of your home and the Christmas tree.
  • Take the lights and hang them around the corner of your walls and cover the windows and doors.
  • Moving on to the Christmas tree, use miniature bulbs, C7 bulbs, and preferably mini LED lights to decorate it in a way that makes it look attractive.
  • If you have any x-mas trees at your lawn, then fill them with the same lights as you did with the tree inside. Make sure to place the wires carefully.
  • Then move to the exterior part of your home, take an inspected ladder, and start hanging the C9 and miniature lights. Use more C9 lights to make it look better, and the gap from one bulb to another should be the same. If you are using two-three short strands instead of one long strand, then do the wire management properly so that it is not hazardous. Also, keep in mind that the wire should not be visible.
  • You can always use different shapes of lights to make it more creative, but don’t make it too crowded.


One last important tip for the people who are confused between incandescent bulbs and LED lights. Always go for the LED lights undoubtedly. They consume less electricity and are brighter. Anyways, these were some of the tips on how you can hang Christmas lights properly. Go through all these steps, and you should not face any problem.

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