How to Fix Skipping Stitches on Your Sewing Machine?

Skipping stitches is one of the common problems in sewing machines. One moment it will sew perfectly, then suddenly it will skip stitches. This is very annoying for sewers, no matter it skips one stitch or several stitches. People start thinking that their sewing machine is faulty when the chances of that are scarce.

Before you conclude, let’s look through the reasons for skipped stitches and their fixes.

8 Fixes of Skipped Stitches on Your Sewing Machine

Bad needle:

In most of the cases, the poor condition of the needle of your sewing machine causes skipping stitches. It may be damaged or overused, which makes it lose efficiency. Try changing the needle of your sewing machine and see if that helps solve the problem.

Wrong needle:

Everything has the right combination. You need to know how many tablespoons of salt will be required for soup. Likewise, you need to know which is the correct needle for the fabric you are sewing.

If you are using the wrong needle for the wrong type of clothing, then it will inevitably cause skipped stitches. Be sure to pick the correct needle before you start sewing.

Better thread:

Cheap quality threads lead to issues. Skipping stitches is one of them. Whereas most people argue against it, but it is proven that better thread reduces the chances of skipping stitches by a considerable margin. Always try to use a better quality thread.

Wrong thread:

Different clothing needs different types of thread which are known to everyone. Delicate fabrics require finer threads, whereas sturdier clothes like jeans and jackets need thicker threads. The wrong thread may lead your sewing machine to skip stitches.

Lack of oil:

This machinery is old school. Hence, you need to oil your sewing machine to work more efficiently. Check the manual of the machine and see how often you need to oil it to avoid these problems.

Cheap needle:

Your needle may not be damaged or used that much, but if it is of inferior quality, then the tip of this needle is not as sharp as it should be. This may cause various problems, including skipping stitches. Do not go for the cheap needles if you are sewing something delicate; go for a decent one.

Sewing machine tension:

The fabric on the machine should be pulled tightly to sew correctly. If you notice the sewing on the top and the bottom of the cloth is different, then ensure that the thread is not too tight nor too loose. Check for the manual book of your sewing machine and adjust the tension of your sewing machine, or else it will start skipping stitches.

Old sewing machine:

If your machine is way too old and you are still using it, then it might cause skipped stitches. Ensure that it is in perfect working condition, and all the mechanical parts are working fine.


The above-listed points are the reasons and solutions you should follow if your sewing machine starts skipping stitches. Go through the points thoroughly to avoid this. I hope this article helps you solve this problem.


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