Homeschooling Tips for Parents

Homeschooling, or home education, is the education of a child at home or any place other than a traditional school. It is usually conducted by parents, tutors, or an online teacher. 

Some families decide to homeschool their children after realizing the traditional classroom learning isn’t working for them. A few parents decide from the start that they will conduct homeschooling. 

Some families are forced to homeschool as all the schools across the countries are shut down due to the global pandemic.  Homeschooling is not an easy task. It is especially tricky during COVID-19 as parents are working from home, trying to manage the logistics, isolating, and on top of all, trying to provide at least a little education to the children.

Most parents are confused and worry about the safety and education of the children. That is why parents are encouraged to engage their children at home and continue their education through homeschooling

Homeschooling Tips for Parents

Here are some of the practical homeschooling tips for parents that will help you keep your child engaged during the lockdown

Create a daily schedule

Schools have a set schedule and routine, and children are used to it. Therefore, setting a similar structure at home makes more sense. Set a routine and time. 

For instance, school begins at 8 a.m., and your child must be fully dressed and ready to take on the day.

You can even schedule lunch breaks, TV breaks, activity time to help manage their time. You can plan this according to your work meetings to match the suitable schedule for both you and your child.

Set up a learning environment

Homeschooling children need a consistent area and a designated space for them to play and learn.

Every child learns differently in an environment that best suits their creativity. 

A designated space does not need to be an office; kitchen tables are also fine, but the best place for learning is free from any distraction. If possible, you can even set up a room with chairs, books, and a desk.

The child should also have easy access to supplies and books they need as well as ways to keep the projects organized.

If your child is old enough, you can ask him or her to help you create a workspace for them. This way, there will be a comfortable environment, and they can focus and study more easily.

A home is a place for fun, relaxation, and eating and now a place for study so designated space is essential.

Make it fun with activities

Kids are always curious, and they love learning new things in a fun way, especially now when they have so much time on their hands. 

By doing some fun activities, they won’t only learn new things, but this will be a great time to bond with you. 

You can have fun by playing indoor board games, by painting together, by dividing the household chores or even cooking food together. 

If you just taught a French lesson to your child, you can make crepes together as a family. Now is the time to teach your child a foreign language, etc. 

Spending quality time with your child should be a part of your daily routine. Homeschooling stimulates your curiosity, and you will learn new things while teaching your child.

Passion projects

now is the best time for your child to pursue a passion project that he or she always wanted to do but never got a chance. 

Whether it is learning a new musical instrument, cooking, art, and craft now is the right time.

Learn how to teach

It’s not enough to be an expert in math or geographical guru. You need to know how to apply your knowledge in a way that your child will understand. 

You can read books on teaching or even take teaching courses. If your specialty lies in the English language and you struggle with math, you can teach English courses and hire an expert to teach maths.

Don’t forget to socialize

This pandemic is not a good time to socialize, but if you decide homeschooling, the school makes plans about your kids’ socialization. Only when the time is right and it is safe out there – Involve your kids in different communities and signup for sports events in other home school groups. You can also conduct outdoor activities which include visiting museums, going to the park, etc.

Connect with friends and support groups

One of the critical ways to conduct homeschooling successfully is by connecting with support groups and friends. 

Teaching and guiding your kid becomes easier when you have a circle of people you can depend on. Find a good homeschooling co-op in your area. Groups of parents in close proximity can even co-host activities and lessons and other aspects of the home School program.

No phone on social media during class

Distraction can be your biggest enemy during homeschooling. Parents should model the behavior of your child’s teacher.

If you are too tempted to scroll through your phone, save it for the break time. Also don’t allow your child to sit with his/her mobile phone

Be forgiving to yourself and your kid

We are going through a stressful time, and homeschooling might be brand new to many. Don’t think about the whole week or even next week start with today and take one day as it comes. 

If you need to watch a movie to get through the day, it is absolutely fine. You do not have to homeschool if it causes emotional distress to everyone involved.

As difficult homeschooling is for parents, it is also difficult for a child. They might be missing their friends that teacher and the normalcy of the traditional school. 

If the child shows any behavior of frustration, show them compassion and love, and listen to them. As a parent, make sure you create time for yourself and do the things that make you happy.


Initially, both child and parents might find this homeschooling thing very challenging because students are used to the classroom environment, which helps them to focus and also engage with other students. But given the current situation, it is essential for students to continue homeschooling so that their learning never stops

Even if you find it complicated make sure you stick to your routine and it will help the child to be more productive and engage during this time.


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