Panasonic SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System Review

Panasonic is one of the world-class companies which has a variety of high-quality electronics products in the market. It is well-recognized in terms of marvelous quality products and their remarkable performances.

Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System comes with two satellite speakers and the main unit or subwoofer system. The design and performance of this sound system are unique. It has a lot of distinguishing features that outperform it from the rest.


Marvelous Clarity of Sound

This speaker system surpasses the quality of sound from every possible feature. It has 30mm powerful sound technology installed in it. The clarity of music is just amazing and provides a beautiful user experience.

Innovative Design

The Design of the speaker system is unique. What makes this design special are the flat fold and inside fold features of the design. It is a type of swivel design which has been fabricated to decorate the exterior of the speakers with an amazing and stylish look.

Lightest in weight

Usually the speaker systems are heavier in weight, which creates a lot of problems in handling. But this speaker system has another unique feature, and that is its lightweight. The weight of the item is merely 181 grams. It can be moved and placed quite easily.

Built-in Bluetooth and Aux Connectivity

This speaker system has dual connectivity options for smart gadgets as well as for devices that can be connected using the cable. The Bluetooth feature enables users to connect any android phones, tablets, or laptops with the system remotely.

There is an additional feature which is the AUX cable port. One can connect the device using AUX cable as well. This dual feature helps users to enjoy a variety of connectivity options.

USB Connectivity

Adding more to the beauty of connection features, there is a USB port available for devices to connect. The user can connect any android or even any external storage device with the system using the USB cable. It provides ease of connectivity and comfort to the users.

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What Do We like

Additional RCA Audio Cable

The sound system offers additional RCA audio cable. This cable allows users to connect devices like DVD Players, VCRs, CD players, or TV to the sound system. It provides a vast range of operations for the users, and they can enjoy the tracks or media of their choice from any sort of source.

Minimal Power Output

The maximum power output (RMS) is minimum in this sound system, which is only 50W. It is a system that doesn’t consume much power, and this property distinguishes it from the rest.

What We Don’t Like

It doesn’t have a CD player. For playing CDs, it has to be connected with an external CD player.



Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System is one of the best in the business. It offers a versatile range of features that lack in majority of speaker systems of the same category. What distinguishes this system from the rest is its unique and lightweight design, along with a wide connectivity range.

The sound quality and clarity are remarkable. There are built-in tweeters in the subwoofer of the system, which further enhance the quality and clarity of the sound system.

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