7 Home Theatre Accessories

Investing in a high-end home theater system will provide you the complete theater-like experience at the comfort of your home. The system offers you the ultimate surround sound experience with its sub-woofers and speakers. You can also stream your favorite series, movies, and more using various video players, including Blu-Ray players, Standalone video players, and others.

However, the cinematic experience will be incomplete without the necessary home theater accessories. So, it is essential to make smart investments in a variety of accessories and add-ons for your mini-theater. These items complement the home theater system to enhance your visual and sound experience.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the essential home theater accessories and add-ons. So, let us now dive into the list of the important home-theater essentials.

Home Theater Accessories and Add-Ons

Home Theater Speakers

This is one of the primary accessories for your home theater system. The speakers, when connected to the home theater, will ensure an enhanced sound experience that provides the feel of being in a live concert. These are perfect for watching movies and shows. You can also use these speakers as the sound system in parties or events.

Check the compatibility of the speakers before you make a purchase. A smart TV that supports wireless connectivity can be easily connected to Bluetooth Speakers. However, for LED TVs that don’t support wireless connections, opt for a speaker that can be connected using a USB cable or aux.

Size of the room also matters. Large rooms require a set of multi-media speakers including the main speaker and five satellite speakers or sub-woofers. Also, consider critical points such as frequency response, sensitivity, signal range, warranty, and price. The set of speakers you buy should be compatible with multiple devices and should be easy to set up.


A soundbar is a sleek, long rectangular speaker that can be connected with your TV and home theater. It ensures crystal clear sound quality that enhances the overall sound experience. This speaker provides crisp and clear dialogues while watching movies, series, and more.

It is easy to set up in front of your TV or on a shelf near the TV. These are inexpensive and take up very little space in your living room. However, an active soundbar is more expensive than a passive soundbar. It allows you to obtain a surround sound experience without having to install additional speakers.

Opt for a soundbar that supports Bluetooth connectivity. The feature will enable you to connect it to multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, or computers. Also, the built-in Alexa feature makes it easy to operate using voice control.


You will need a visual display to watch your favorite movies, series, and videos. Hence, the home theater system has to be connected to your television. Trusted brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony Bravia, Onida, etc. have introduced a wide range of TV models with enhanced display, resolution, audio quality, and spectacular features.

There are different types of TVs available in various screen sizes ranging between 22 inches to 55 inches and above. The advancement of technology has led to the innovation of smart TVs. These TV models allow us to enjoy entertainment more smartly. You can also convert a regular TV into a smart TV using amazon fire stick.

A TV that supports wireless connectivity is preferred. The feature makes its connection to the home theater system easier. Check the number of connectivity ports of the TV so that you can connect it to various devices.

Also, consider factors such as motion blur, wide viewing angle, refresh rate, audio, etc. and smart features like built-in chrome cast. Ensure that you purchase within your budget.

Projector Screen

Projector screens are the perfect display options for those who cannot invest in a TV. It consists of a white or gray vinyl surface that reflects light and a form of support. The surface may be flat or curved depending on your preference. Projector screens are flexible and can be mounted on the wall of your living room.

You can choose from the different types of projector screens available in the market. However, it is vital to measure the size of the room before you make a choice. A projector screen with a base close to the ground will suffer interference. It is better to opt for a diagonal size.

Consider the acoustic interference of the screen since you will be mounting speakers behind the screen. Also, look into factors such as gain, aspect ratio, and viewing angle of the screen, before making a purchase.


Buying a projector screen will be useless without a projector to display the visuals on the screen. It is a small and light-weight display box that uses different light source technologies to project the visual on the projector screen. The box is easy to install and carry around. Moreover, projectors are affordable and can adjust the image size to suit your preference.

Ensure that the quality of the built-in speakers is high. It should be a durable and reliable option that is worth buying. You can invest in the latest 4 K projectors as they ensure a high-quality image with a 4 K resolution. Consider important points before buying, such as brightness, throw ratio, connectivity, and input options, including HDMI, USB, and VGA.

Universal Remote

Home theater systems include several components which require different remote controls for operation. Too many remotes may cause inconvenience and confusion. Hence, it is better to opt for a universal remote. It is capable of controlling multiple devices with ease.

There are different types of universal remote controls. These models work by incorporation the various features of programming. Ensure that the remote you buy features a user-friendly layout, making it easy to use. The buttons should come with a backlight so that they are visible at night.

There are remote controls that use smartphone applications to control devices. They use WiFi or Bluetooth to send out control signals for an increase in accessibility. Go for a durable remote control with smart control functions.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is integrated with a smart cloud-based system, Alexa. You can connect it to your home theater using a seamless wireless connection. The compact and light-weight design of amazon echo allows you to place it at any corner of the room.

It features a built-in far-field microphone that is powered by a beamforming technology and noise cancellation. This enables you to operate your home theater and other smart home appliances using voice control.

Alexa comes with the answers to all your questions. You can check weather and sports updates, listen to tracks, book cabs, and order food using this feature. Ensure that the built-in speakers are powerful. It should also come with a 3.5 mm stereo audio output so that you can connect it to your home theater speakers.


The items mentioned in this list are accessories and add-ons, which will enhance your overall theater-like experience. It is important to choose the required items that are within your budget. Hence, read through the guide and then start shopping! We hope this article helps you in finding the suitable accessories for your home theater system.

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