Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet Review

These days everyone is in a hurry, and in the quest to reach on time, people do not follow traffic signals and take to rash driving. Most of the time, while riding at a great speed, people lose control of their vehicles and end up meeting with an accident. It is always recommended that one wears a helmet while riding to prevent severe head injuries and accidents.

Vega is a leading India brand that deals with the manufacture of high-quality helmets. Vega Crux is an extraordinarily stylish yet sturdy helmet. It is a perfect blend of fashion and safety that protects from severe head injuries.

ABS material

The helmet is extremely durable and heat resistant as it is made of high-quality ABS plastic. The ABS plastic acts as a shield and protects the helmet from dents and damage. Thus, the helmet can withstand extreme conditions.

Unique visor

The visor of the helmet is made of durable transparent optical polycarbonate. Scratch lines on the visor disrupt vision. The visor is scratch-resistant, so even after falling several times, no lines appear on the visor. Also, to protect the eyes of the rider from harmful UV rays of the sun, the visor has been made UV resistant.


Proper ventilation and passage of air are essential in a helmet; otherwise, after wearing the helmet for long hours, the rider stats sweating and feels giddiness. The Vega Crux helmet has proper ventilation with 1 top vent, one moth vent, and two back exhaust vent.

Smart design

The helmet has a rugged leather finish and an aerodynamic Shape. It is sleek yet sturdy and is 100% safe for use. To ensure everyone finds their perfect fit, it is available in different sizes. It also comes with a button press feature to flip up the visor when needed.


Weighing 1.5 kg, the helmet is light and can be easily worn for long rides without any discomfort.

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What Do We like


The helmet is light and comes with soft cushiony padding to protect against shock from accidents. Also, the various vents that are provided with the helmet ensure air circulation and prevent the rider from feeling sick or having nausea.

Safety Standards

The helmet meets all safety standards as it is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is heat resistant and very sturdy. Also, the visor is UV resistant and scratch proof. The helmet is ISI-approved and is thus a quality product.

Easy to Wear

The helmet comes with a  button to flip the bottom and is extremely convenient to use. It relieves one of the hassles that the helmets with straps used to have. This is good for short rides while allowing ventilation.

What We Don’t Like

Tight fit

Initially, the helmet fits very tightly as it takes time for the foam to adjust with the size and shape of the head. So the initial days can be a bit uncomfortable.


The Vega helmet is packed with safety features. The light helmet is very comfortable and convenient to use. The visor of the helmet has been uniquely designed. It is not only scratchproof but also UV resistant. It is a perfect combination of style and durability.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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