Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-M Open Face Helmet Review

Helmets play a significant role in establishing safety for one while he drives. These products save you from all the possible minor and even major head injuries in case you meet an accident. In fact, in recent days,  the government has made it compulsory for every individual who rides on motorcycles, bikes, scooty, or any other two-wheeler to ensure their safety.

Vega Cruiser brings forward it’s “CR-W/P-DK-M Open Face Helmet With Peak (Dull Black, M).” It is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of helmets.

This open-faced, dull black colored helmet is a stylish option to consider buying. It also does not compromise on the absolute safety of its users.

Size and color

The dull black helmet is of size M, measuring between 56 to 58 cm. Hence, it ensures a perfect fit for all the individuals of the society. It also comes with a peak and textured finish.

Open face Helmet

The helmet is designed such that it is wide open from the front side, ensuring complete protection. It also provides a proper view, ensuring safety and fun simultaneously.

Retractable Visor

The visor can be adjusted per the weather conditions, terrains, and other physical conditions. It ensures maximum comfort to the users.


The visor is made of optical polycarbonate material that is both scratch and UV resistant. It enables quick release and ensures an easy movement of the visor smoothly and securely.

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What Do We like


The helmet is entirely scratch and cracks-resistant. It is also capable of handling significant impacts, thereby providing the user with a crystal clear view of the road ahead.

Chin Strap

The chin strap provides for a secure lock mechanism that prevents the helmet from falling. This ensures the proper positioning of the helmet in the head of the user.

ISI approved

The helmet is an ISI approved product that provides for absolute safety from all the possible accidents or hazards.

What We Don’t Like

Nozzle effect

The half-open helmet provides for a sensation of the higher speed of air due to the increased nozzle effect.

Other possible problems

The product gives no guarantee to provide safety from the insects and various air pollutants. Also, these may not provide for complete protection to the chin, mouth, and other parts of the body/ head that might be a massive issue during a major accident.


This light-weighted device provides for an absolute level of comfort to the user with its crack and scratch-resistant characteristics. Also, the manufacturer provides for a specific warranty period on various parts making the user worry-free. Thus, considering the above features, this helmet can be a worthy choice for one and all.

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Hari Priya

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