Studds Professional Helmet BK-BStrip Review

Studds is one of the best helmet manufacturing companies with over five decades of experience. The company is one of the world’s largest helmet manufacturer that has gained customer’s trust for its top-quality products.

This is a professional quality helmet from Studds. The black-colored helmet is a low budget yet durable helmet. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if the product is worth buying or not.

The top class outer body

ABS that stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a very sturdy material and is widely used in making helmets. The helmet is impact resistant and absorbs damage to protect your head. Also, these materials are very lightweight and can resist a maximum temperature of 95 degrees. It won’t crack under cold temperatures too. 

Full face helmet

Studds has never compromised when it comes to value for money. At this pocket-friendly price range, Studds is providing you with a full-face helmet that will protect your whole face, including the back of your head.

Polycarbonate visor

The polycarbonate visor that comes with this helmet is of superior quality. It is scratch-resistant and comes with a hard silicone coating. This will help increase the longevity of the visor. It will protect you from direct sunlight, dust, and raindrops. Nothing will distract you anymore while driving for your safety.

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What Do We like

Great comfort

The interior of this helmet is covered with EPS (Expanded polystyrene) concussion padding that increases comfort. It is anti-allergic, so you don’t need to wash it or clean it that often. Also, it will act as your last line of defense while riding and ensure your head is safe. You can go on long rides wearing this helmet, and the riding experience will be smooth and efficient.


This professional Studds helmet will provide you with the best protection at this price range. The thermoplastic outer shell will absorb maximum damage to itself and protect your head from any injury. Also, the soft inner padding will help in protection.

Secure fit

This helmet comes in large size, measuring 5800m or 58 cms. Measure your head using a measurement tape starting from an inch above your eyebrow. Then compare the size to the size chart of the helmet before you buy.


For it’s lighter outer ABS shell body, this helmet is automatically a very lightweight product. It weighs around 1.42 kg. Also, the soft inner padding won’t make your head feel uncomfortable.

Quick-release chinstraps

The helmet comes equipped with quick-release chinstraps. These straps will secure the helmet to your head, so it does not fall off while riding. Also, you can adjust the fittings of your head (tighten or loosen) using these straps up to a certain level. This secured strap also has a jaw protector that is covered with EPS concussion padding for maximum protection.

What We Don’t Like


The ventilation system of this helmet is not good enough. At the chin area, few air vents are installed that could barely circulate some breathable air, but it is not enough to stop heat build-up. Due to lack of fresh air while riding, if the visor is down, then it gets uncomfortable to ride wearing this helmet during summer.



The product quality and the design of this Studds helmet are all excellent except for the ventilation part. In every full-face helmet, there should be a proper ventilation system so the rider could be more comfortable. Apart from this con, it is a durable and good value of money products. If you are looking for a cheaper option that will last longer, then this is an ideal option.

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Koushik Mondal

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