Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet Size (RRGHEI000046) Review

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands that are still in production. This company is based in Chennai, India. They also manufacture motorcycle gears such as gloves, helmets, etc.

This Royal Enfield helmet is made of solid material, and its premium design makes it stylish too. Let’s talk about this mid-range helmet’s features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.

High material body

This premium quality helmet from Royal Enfield comes with the most robust exteriors. This is made with a single unit ABS shell (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that is very sturdy and durable. The mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistant. It can also resist very low to a higher temperature.


The airflow technology of this helmet is pretty advanced. This motorcycle helmet comes with a seven vent airflow technology. The ventilation will keep your head cool while riding in the heat. It prevents sweating too. Due to the proper air circulation, the inner padding will not get stinky from your sweat, and you won’t have to wash them often.


The advanced quality visor of this helmet will not only protect from the direct sunlight reflecting on your eyes, but also it is UV resistant. The scratch-proof face shield is made with polycarbonate. The hard-coated visor is very sturdy, and the quick twist and release mechanism makes it easier to use. The front face of this visor is shielded with micro-metric stops for a better and clear view.

360 degrees gasket

This is one of the unique features of this helmet. It comes with a 360-degree gasket, and you can also remove this rubber gasket to wash and reuse. This rubber gasket is pretty hard but feels soft to your head for better comfort.

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What Do We like

Super comfortable

This is one of the most comfortable helmets from Royal Enfield. The comfort liner that comes with this helmet is made of polyester and knit mesh cushions. They are anti-microbial for hygiene purposes. They are removable, making it easy to wash. The soft inner padding ensures comfort and maximum protection.

Complete protection

This hard-coated Royal Enfield helmet is made of ABS shell, which is very sturdy yet lightweight. The hard-coated surface will handle any heavy collision and absorb most of the damage by itself, saving your head from any injury. The high-temperature resistance makes it more durable.

Micrometric lock

The strap system of this motorcycle helmet is quite advanced. It comes with a micro-metric lock system, which is very easy to use. This has an adjustable quick-release chin strap retention system that will allow you to tie and untie it very easily. It ensures a secure fit so that it does not come off while you are riding. 

Secure fit

A helmet should always fit you properly, only then it would be able to do its job. You should know the right size of the helmet you will need. This is the extra-large version that is 62 cms. It also comes in medium and large sizes.

What We Don’t Like


The only major drawback of this helmet would be its weight. After a while, you will start to feel the weight on your head, and it will begin irritating you. This may become uncomfortable for longer rides.


Royal Enfield has always been a leading company when it comes to motorcycles or its gears. This mid-range full-face helmet looks quite decent in the battle green color. This is an ISI, and DOT certified helmet. The outer body and aerodynamic design make this product premium. If you have the budget for it, then go for this helmet.

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Koushik Mondal

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