Royal Enfield Matt Black Full Face Helmet (HEAW17030) Review

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world that are still in continuous production. They also manufacture motorcycle gear, too, such as gloves, helmets, etc.

This matt black colored full-face helmet is one of the finest helmets. The high-end premium helmet comes with tons of features loaded. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if the product is worth buying or not.

Exterior build

The premium helmet is made of three different solid materials. The materials are fiberglass, ABS shell, and carbon fiber. All of the mentioned materials are light yet durable. They come with the ability to handle heavy collision and absorb most of the damage to themselves. Your whole face will be protected on any impact.


The ventilation system of the helmet is not usual. This does not come with a visor. Hence, the wide eye port area works as ventilation. It increases your field of vision, and the airflow stops you from sweating. The cool air keeps you calm while riding.


The soft inner padding is removable and washable. Due to the wide eye-port, the air circulation in the helmet is pretty good. You won’t be sweating, so you don’t have to wash the gaskets that often. The hard-coated exterior can be easily wiped with a clean cloth.

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What Do We like

Super comfortable

The interior of the helmet is equipped with soft polyester and knit mesh cushioned liner for better comfort. These internal liners are anti-microbial, which means it is hygienic, and also they provide great comfort. The helmet ensures zero head fatigue. It is ideal if you are wearing this the entire day.

Complete protection

The hard-coated scratch-resistant outer body and top quality inner anti-microbial soft padding ensure maximum protection. This is one of the finest helmets when it comes to your protection. The sturdy exterior can absorb the damage due to heavy collision. This covers your whole face, and it provides protection that endures.

Secure fit

This helmet comes in the extra-large size, measuring 62 cms. Measure your head first using tape and then go for the helmet for better protection.


The built-in straps that come with this helmet are a micro-metric adjustable chin strap system. It is no ordinary straps, and it ensures maximum protection. This will make sure that the helmet does not come off while riding. You can also adjust the fittings of the helmet using this chin strap system.


The weight of this Royal Enfield helmet is only 1.58 kgs. It is very comfortable as well, and that is why it is recommended for longer rides, it won’t irritate your head.

What We Don’t Like


This high-end helmet from Royal Enfield does not come with a visor attached. The wide eye area serves as ventilation but also lets all the dust, sunlight, and raindrops in. Dust or direct sunlight in your eyes while driving could be hazardous, and also it irritates you. At this high price range, this is a significant con.



This Royal Enfield comes with an ISI certification. This is also available in two more sizes, i.e., medium and large. The matt black colored helmet looks very stylish and is comfortable to wear. This is a long-lasting product. If you have the budget for this product, then undoubtedly go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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