Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet Review

This Kamachi skating helmet is a very durable helmet that will protect your head adequately. The Unique Impact Protection System, or commonly known as UIP, is extraordinary.

The premium quality helmet is equipped with a unique design and a proper ventilation system. This helmet also covers the back of your head. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.

Outer body

The outer body is made with solid synthetic fiber material. This is very lightweight yet very durable. It can absorb the impact hugely and will save your head from getting injured.


Ventilation in a helmet is one of the top priorities for the air to pass over your head. It will make you feel comfortable and more breathable. There are plenty of airflow spaces in this helmet, which also is the reason for it to be so lightweight.

Unique design

The unique design of this cycling helmet will catch your attention within a second. It looks very stylish. It is available in various colors to choose from. Also, the airflow technology in this helmet is designed in a way to look even more stylish.

LED lights

One of the unique and coolest features of this cycling skating helmet from Kamachi is that you can attach LED lights externally. This means your helmet will glow in the dark and will look great all over. This is more than just a head protector.

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What Do We like


The soft thermocol padding on the interior ensures comfort. It is also equipped with an airflow system. Your head won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable even if you wear this for a more extended period.


The Kamachi helmet prevents head injuries. The exterior design, combined with the soft padding ensures maximum protection for your head. The helmet is engineered to absorb the impact of the fall.


The size of the head of every person is different. These helmets are sold in three different sizes-small, medium, and large. Make sure you know what size you need for a proper fit. If your helmet is loose, then it won’t be able to protect your head correctly. Measure your head and then order or purchase the right helmet.


This comes with secured straps from the inside to tie this helmet properly, so it does not come off. The straps can also be adjusted to make them tight or loose. Always tie the straps for maximum protection. The quality of these straps is decent at this price range.


These helmets are usually very lightweight for its outer body material. The lightweight and durable material ensures protection to your head. You won’t feel like you’re wearing anything for its lightweight design.

What We Don’t Like


Many users have reported that the interior padding is of poor quality. They start coming off after a while and is not suitable for more extended uses. They become sweaty and begin irritating the skin afterward.



This is a pocket-friendly helmet that is very uniquely designed and engineered. The outer build quality is decent. The major con of this product is the inside padding. If you do not plan to wear this for longer hours, then you can easily ignore this con and focus on the pros at this affordable price range. 

This is an excellent choice for beginners as it offers excellent value for money. Make sure to go through our article thoroughly to know more about this product.


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Koushik Mondal

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