Xtreme Synthetic-Fiber Road Racing Cycling Bicycle Bike Helmet Review

Prevention is always better than cure. Especially when you are out there, riding your bike without a helmet, it increases the chances of you getting hurt. Bicycle helmets are designed to protect you from head injuries during accidents.

These synthetic-fiber racing helmets are for professionals. These are made of excellent material, and longevity is good. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.


This Xtreme helmet is a well-designed multi-colored helmet. The middle part is white, and the left and right side of the helmet is colored with green, yellow, black, red, and blue. This makes it look stylish than an ordinary helmet.


Ventilation in a helmet will let air pass through it over your head, and this will help you remain comfortable. This Xtreme synthetic helmet comes with a lot of ventilation, which means more comfort. The ventilation of a helmet also depends on the type of your ride.


This is a coral shaped helmet from Xtreme. The design of this helmet is unique as well. It features a compact size. You will great after wearing it.

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What Do We like


This is a premium quality helmet that will provide you maximum comfort. The paddings of this helmet are very soft and made of breathable material. The more soft and comfortable it is, the longer you can wear it without any problems. The soft padding, along with the ventilation, makes it appropriate for professional uses.


The main reason for wearing a helmet is protection. The Xtreme helmet is tested thoroughly and evaluated accordingly. The aerodynamics, comfort, and ventilation have been tested to ensure maximum protection. It will mainly protect your head from any injury if you fall off your bicycle. The aesthetics of this model, along with the quality, is one of the best at this price range.

Fit to your head

A helmet is only right and working if it fits your head correctly. If it is loose, then it won’t be able to ensure maximum protection. Always make sure that you know the right size of the helmet that you will need. Sometimes it can be adjusted, but that is up to a certain level. Helmet sizes may vary by different companies, but if you measure your head, then you will have an idea about the size.

Secure straps

The Xtreme synthetic helmet comes with very firm and secure straps. They can be easily buckled and unbuckled when needed. The straps can also be adjusted up to a level according to your head size for proper fitting.


Synthetic-fiber has always been known for its lightweight yet sturdy exterior. This Xtreme synthetic-fiber racing helmet is very lightweight because of the material used. Also, more ventilation makes a helmet lighter as well. You will hardly feel anything while wearing this and riding for miles. They are lightweight as well as comfortable.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were seen so far.


Xtreme company has been known for its top-quality bike and motorcycle gear. These mid-range helmets are made of good quality material. They are tested thoroughly to ensure your safety when you are on the road. Also, it is always recommended to wear a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle. Please go through our article about this product in detail so you can make an informed decision.

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Koushik Mondal

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