Zebronics ZEB-EM940 Earphone Wired Headset Review

The Zebronics produce excellent quality audio systems. The company believes in the EQR Mantra of Excellence, Quality, and Reliability. And their products stand to their mantra. The products include IT & Gaming Peripherals, Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories & Surveillance Solutions.

Their most efficient product is their sound system. The sound production is clean, clear and crisp.

The Zebronics ZEB-EM940 Earphone is one of them. The headset is neat and authentic. It has a really good sound system. It is tough and trustworthy. It has many good features that make the pair an excellent pick.

Wired Headset

The Zebronics ZEB-EM940 Earphone is a wired headset. It has a long and textured cable. The cable is 1.2 meters long. The entire length is coated with textures material so that it avoids tangling. The audio jack is 3.5 mm.

Call Inability

The earphones have a calling feature supported by its inline microphone. The headset also has a start/end call button at the control board.

Audio System

The headset has a sound sensitivity of 110dB±3dB. And a frequency response of 20Hz -20kHz. Response The sound quality is very clear. The frequencies are reproduced very efficiently. The balance of frequency is accurate. The low frequencies too, are reproduced perfectly.

Deep Bass

The Zebronics ZEB-EM940 has high bass reciprocation. The bass is deep. The audio quality makes it seem effortless. The bass reciprocation is of extremely good quality.

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What Do We like

Dual Mode

The Zebronics ZEB-EM940 has a smart dual switch. The dual-mode enables easy to switch between smartphone and feature phone. This will provide better connectivity choices.

Inline Microphone

Calling is made easy and hassle-free by the inline microphone. The microphone is setup with the control board with a start/ end button. It is made really convenient and comfortable, so no extra efforts have to be taken to attend the calls.

Long-Lasting Cable

The cable is made up of TPE material. It is textured design. It makes it easy to not have it tangled and create a possibility of breakage. The tangle free wire makes sure of a longer lasting cable life.a

What We Don’t Like

No Volume Button

The headset has no volume up or down button. The option of switching between the next or previous track isn’t possible either. The changes have to be made from the audio source.

Extra Ear Bud

Different size ear buds are not provided which normaliy is provided by every other brand.


The earphone is a product worth its price. The Zebronics ZEB-EM940 Earphone Wired Headset is durable and comfortable. It is easy to use and has no complications. The earphone has good features that are the basic requirements of a good headset.

It has good performance capacity and and will be a great pick as a wired headset.

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Hetavi Rudani

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