Zebronics Magnetic Bluetooth Earphone Review

Recently, the market has been seeing the rapid rise in the demand for wireless Bluetooth speaker earphones. One of the finest companies for the same being Zebronics, has launched the current model for the same. It holds some interesting updates and reviews.

Zebronics had been utterly impressive in the segments of price range related to audio stuff. The same can be related to their newly launched neckband style wireless earphones. It has an affordable price for the buyers, ranging under 1,500.

Zeb Style Bluetooth Earphones have the flexible neckband design with the touch of graceful metallic gold. The grand features are enough to amaze one, the foremost being the dual pairing control feature over media and volume. The functioning system is all brilliant, with the presence of voice assistance features for the goggle devices.

The design is enough to attract customers with the functioning system being truly beneficial. Besides Gold, also available in blue, sea green and brown colors.

Wireless earphones with control over media and volume

The 4.2 Bluetooth version with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP supported BT profile has the most flexible neckband design to comfort us. Also, the wireless model with good control over media and volume is beneficial enough.

Have dual pairing

The model has dual pairing and call functioning system along with full charge indication. 2 hours is enough for a complete charge.

Perfectly Magnetic Earpieces

The net wet of the model is 22 gm with the box dimension being 165*22*199 mm.

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What Do We like

Fantastic Drive size

The model has a fine drive size of 10 mm along with 16  speaker impedance.

Long-Running Capacity

The device can run for a long period of close to 4 hours without a break.

Standard Standby Time

The standby time is utterly outstanding, being 200 hours.

Clear Audio

The audio output is crystal clear along with perfectly prominent voice assistant support. The earbuds can be used for a longer duration too.

What We Don’t Like

Weak Battery System

The battery system turns out to be weak at times. It can eventually lead to average functioning.

Earbuds Placing Problem

If Hold For Too Long, the position of the earbuds can be tilted in one direction causing placement problems.


To brief the entire thing out, this sort of wireless earphone is one of the cheap ones available in the market right now. The grand features and ample specifications set in the model is enough to meet the demand of the customers thirsting over the same. Though there are cons too which include the battery system and that of the overall functioning method.

The same can definitely be a smart choice for the buyers or anyone opting to enjoy the fruitfulness of the wireless earphones can go for it for sure. It’s quite worth every bit of money one spends on it.

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