Xmate Gusto Truly Wireless Headphone Review

Xmate gusto presents its Bluetooth headphone which will provide ergonomic comfort because of Fit In-Ear design and ultra-lightweight i.e. around 118 g which provides long-time comfortable wearing without any hassle and problem. The product comes with 2 Earbuds, 1 Charging case, 2 Earhook, 1 Charging Cable and 1 User Manual so that you can understand different functions.

The product comes dirt-proof design so that you do not need to clean it continuously and enjoy your music without any inconvenience. Also, it has an anti-drop design that provides safety to a device from misplacing as it is very small in size which increases its chances of falling off from the ear. The Bluetooth headphone provides you tangle-free HD quality sound so that you can enjoy your music and receive calls

Perfect-Fit & Wireless Stereo

The headphones are one of the tiniest wireless earphones which facilitate minimum storage space. it is designed in such a way that you can use it while running, workout, or just sit back and calm yourself from stress.

IPX5 Water-resistant & Bluetooth v5.0 Technology

The product have IPX5 sweatproof technology which help to provide protection against sweat or rain. The product is upgraded with Bluetooth v5.0 technology which will fasten your speed. The connectivity has a range of up to 33 feet or 10 meters so that you don’t need to tie with a phone.

Battery backup

The product has covered with 140mAh battery and 500mAh battery case. Battery case provides 3 times of charging in one full charge to the headphone.

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What Do We like

Easy Touch Control Operation

The product is easy to use such that you can toggle between music and calls like a pro. It has a built-in mic so you don’t need to pull your phone out to change track or receive calls. You can accept or decline a call by a single tap whereas for changing the track you have to tap it twice. For switching off or on you have to tap and hold for 3 seconds.

External Noise Reduction

The product uses the noise-canceling technology so that it can reduce outside sound and enable crystal clear microphones to sound to you especially at the time of calling. You will indulge in a great musical journey which will give you great musical experience which you will mesmerize it later on

What We Don’t Like

Battery backup and connectivity issue

Some customers said that there is connectivity issue with a device which means although company said that covers up to 33 feet or 10 meters but in reality, the range is much less than that. Some customers also said that the battery doesn’t last more than 2 hour.


Xmate gusto presents its Bluetooth v5.0 headphones which has various features such as Perfect-Fit & Wireless Stereo, IPX5 Water-resistant & Bluetooth Technology, and Battery backup. Pros such as Easy Touch Control Operation & External Noise Reduction make it more feasible for the customer. However, it still needs to solve the issue such as Battery backup and connectivity

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Yash Jain

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