Xiaomi Redmi Airdots True Wireless Earphone Review

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. They make smartphones, headphones, televisions, and many more. Xiaomi has always been a company that provides you suitable products at a reasonable price.

This Airdots from Xiaomi is pretty much the same. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is as fast as it gets. Storage cable can be used as a charging device. The noise reduction feature is pretty good, and the airdots will fit you so good that you can use it while jogging or gymming.

Storage Case

The storage case that comes with this Redmi Airdots is a perfect place to store your Airdots safely. But this does not serve the purpose of storing your airdots only. They also work as a charging device for them. When your airpods run out of juice, the case can charge them up. It holds a 300mah of capacity.

Easy Connect

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology in this device is high-speed and reliable. It connects easily to any device and doesn’t disconnect until and unless you want it to disconnect. No more time-wasting pairing to any equipment at all.

Voice Assistant

This Xiaomi Airdots comes with Voice assistant ready. Only tap on the button of the Airdots, and the voice assistant will be prepared to take your commands. All of this without taking out your smartphone from your pocket.

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What Do We like

Battery Life

The Airpods will serve you a pretty decent amount of time. The 40 mah Airdots will provide you with up to 4 hours of playback time. Then you can put them in the storing case and charge them. That extends the battery life to 12 hours.

The storing case holds 300 mah of capacity — a total of 12 hours of music playback or 15 hours of gaming experience you can have.

Noise Reduction

The Noise reduction feature is a must in nowadays headphones/earphones. This Airdots also has built-in noise reduction technology. It blocks the external sounds up to 90% so that you can properly focus on what you’re doing.

Sports Fit

This Airdots will fit you properly. These Airdots are free to adjust to your ears, very comfortable to wear. And you do not need to worry about them falling off from your ear.

Xiaomi provides three different types of ear protection along with the Airpods. It is an ideal choice for people who love to workout in the gym or go for a jog while listening to some music.

Sound and Bass

This Airdots comes with a 7.2mm sound unit and has a low frequency as well as medium to high-frequency dip. The crisp vocals and the sharpness of sound can be found in this Airdots undoubtedly. Listen to music has become soothing and smoother. Bass of this product is somewhat decent.

What We Don’t Like

Voice Assistant

The voice assistant takes command only in the Chinese language. It doesn’t support any other language yet. That’s not much of pro, right?


This Airdots from Redmi is a good product. It provides value for money. It is very lightweight; each one weighs 4 grams only. Great fit, so you can use it while jogging or working out too. Noise reduction technology and battery life are pretty great. Bluetooth 5.0 is fast and connects easily. This product is a sure go.

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Koushik Mondal

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