Sony WI-C600N Wireless Digital Noise-Cancelling in-Ear Headphone Review

Sony is known for its excellent sound quality. There is no doubt that they continue to maintain their reputation even with this wireless headphone. The Sony WI-C600N wireless headphone is an excellent choice for you. There is no reason not to love this sound device as it comes with great sound quality with its noise cancellation feature. 

You will enjoy the sound coming directly in your ears without any disturbance from the noise around you. It is even better having these wireless headphones while you go for your morning run or when working out at the gym. 

The digital noise cancellation headphone comes in a very sleek design that will compliment your look anytime any day.

Compact Headphones

It comes with a 6mm driver that makes the earphones small enough to fit perfectly on your ears, so you don’t feel any weight or discomfort when you have the headphones on.

Wireless Headphone

You can make your travel more enjoyable with wireless, noise-canceling headphones that fully immerse you in your favorite music.

Wireless Bluetooth Streaming and NFC One-touch Pairing

The headphones are designed by a Bluetooth support system that allows you to connect to your mobile devices. It has a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that connects with devices with 54ft. Pairing is very easy when you connect it with your mobile device.

Sony Headphones Connect APP

You can easily connect to Sony’s Connect App using these headphones. You have access to select any of the options for ambient sound mode for your listening pleasure.

Adjustable Sound Settings

These headphones are a great companion, especially during your long trips. You can personalize your sound with the Sony Connect App or simply connect it to your mobile phone and listen to your music.

DSEE Restores Detail Feature

You also enjoy your music in high-quality sound even with compressed music files. The headphones can restore the high frequency that was lost when the music was compressed. With these headphones you will get rich sound with any song played on your devices.

Compatible with Google Assistant and Siri

Aside from this device noise cancellation feature, the Sony headphone also allows you access to Google Voice Assistant and Siri.  You can give commands on your mobile device without having to tap any buttons on your phone. You can easily turn on your music files, change tracks, and call any of your phone contacts. The headphone is a great device to have and will make a lot of things easier for you to handle.

7.5hrs Battery Life

You can stay connected to your mobile device for up to 6.5 hours, listening to your music nonstop. This headphone also comes with quick charging so you can use your headphones without waiting for long.

Magnetic Ear Buds

This Sony headphone has magnetic earbuds that are designed to snap together to prevent the headphones from tangling.

Silicon Plate Neck-band

Another great thing to know about the Sony WI-C600N headphones is the neckband support that makes it comfortable to wear the headphones while you are on the move. The neckband is made of a silicon material that feels very comfortable when it rests on your skin.

Artificially Intelligent Noise Cancellation System

The Sony WI-C600N headphones block out any noise in the background to enable you to enjoy the sound of your audio. The noise cancellation feature makes the whole sound experience amplified.

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What Do We like

High-Quality Sound

You get to listen to your music with a rich sound like you are listening to it from the studio.

Small and Comfortable

The earphones are tiny, and it also comes with neck support for comfort.

Sound Settings

The sound settings can easily be adjusted to enjoy your listening experience. The DSEE settings also restore your song’s sound quality.

Wireless Connection

The Bluetooth and NFC support allow you to connect to nearby devices.

What We Don’t Like

Battery Life

The battery life isn’t too long as stated and can only stay for about 6 hours.


There is no reason not to get these incredible headphones. They are great for everyday use and come in a very complimentary design. You can enjoy your music without any unwanted sounds coming from outside.  

The headphones are very comfortable to wear around your neck and will stay in place even when you are running. It also supports your apps and works perfectly with your voice command app. We recommend that you get these headphones if you are looking for a device that will guarantee you superior quality.

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