Sony WH-H900N Wireless Headphone Review

Sony presents its WH-H900N which will change your music journey from normal listening to the experiential listening by its wireless transfer of music. The product comes with compatibility to all tracks so that you can enjoy your music from compact disk to high-resolution audio. Ambient and noise – cancellation help to get dive into the music and customize according to your preference.

The product is made to control your device more smartly and conveniently so that it can reduce your efforts and enhance your experience. The product comes with Carrying Case (1U), Connection Cable (1U), USB Cable (1U), Operating Instructions (1U) and Reference Guide (1U) so that you can keep it safe with instruction given in the guide.

Comfortable and Portable

The product is Lightweight with weight around 340 g, the headphones come with fold-up characteristics so that you can fold it when it is not in use. And when you’ve got them on, the soft ear pads stay comfortable all day – a perfect fit for your life

Better Bluetooth Audio

The product is built on the latest Bluetooth technology i.e. LDAC which helps to transmit more data than conventional Bluetooth wireless connections which will result in exceptional sound quality. It also helps in Ambient sound mode so that you can control what you hear with sound modulation and upscale sound quality.

Noise Cancelling and Battery backup

The product enhances your experience by Cancelling-out outer environment sound so that you can dive into the music without any noise. The headphone has 28 hours of battery in between charges so that you can enjoy your playback music all day. It is empowered with quick charging which means that you’ll have enough power for 65 minutes in the charge of just 10 min.

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What Do We like

Highly authentic sound

The product will let you enjoy the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound. It increases the CD-quality into High-Resolution Audio.2. DSEE HX technology used in the product help to restore the high-range sound lost in compression so that you can enjoy digital music files that are rich in natural sound.

Adjust and Control Easily

 Synchronization with the device by the use of the Sony Headphones Connect app and touch control will make your experience effortless. The Sony Headphones Connect app lets you tweak equalizer settings, choose surround sound presets, and more. You can skip tracks, answer phone calls, control music and activate Google Assistant or Siri using simple touch controls.

What We Don’t Like

Reducing Noise cancellation

Various customer has said that the noise cancellation feature does not work properly or not working from purchasing time. They said that the noise cancellation will only start after the volume cross 80% mark and after that also it doesn’t cancel outer noise fully and the outer noise still bothers them.


Sony WH-H900N has various features such as Comfortable and Portable, Better Bluetooth Audio, Noise Cancelling, and Battery backup made it alluring and compelling for the customer. Advantages such as Highly authentic sound and Adjust and Control Easily will make your journey experiential but the company has to figure out a noise cancellation problem as some customer said.

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Yash Jain

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