Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone Review

We cannot deny how much we love listening to our favorite songs while working out. Earlier, the headphones used to be bulky and have a long cord attached to the phone, which would move a bit difficult.

Carry your music wherever you go. These Sony wireless RF over-ear headphones are very light and easily portable. All you need to do is fold and slip them in your bag-pack, and you have a great companion for the day. Also, they provide a better listening experience and have a long battery life.

Noise-reducing technology

Sony wireless RF headphones with Noise-reducing technology keep the wireless signal free of interruption from other electronic devices so that one can tune into their favorite film, soundtrack, or game with crystal clear sound and zone out.

Wireless range

One can move from room to room without losing an audio connection with the higher range from the transmitter dock, which is up to 150 ft.

Long battery life and hassle-free charge

The Sony Rf headphone comes with long battery life. Once charged, it could be used for the next 20 hours, and it is also easy to charge the headphones by simply placing them back on the receiver.

 40mm drivers

The headphone has a Frequency Response of 10 Hz-22,000 Hz, and the 40mm drivers provide dynamic hearing experience by presenting very sound clearly and in detail.

 Voice Mode

With the touch of a button, Voice Mode is easily activated, and one can make clear dialogues and sound because of voice clarity.

Soft, comfortable ear pads and a secure fit

The headphone comes with soft cushioned earmuff with twist-and- tilt feature, which is designed to fit every ear and does not hurt even after long hours of usage.

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What Do We like


The voice mode can be easily activated with a simple touch, and one can also move around with ease without losing an audio connection because of its vast wireless range.


The earmuffs are soft and easily foldable also do not hurt even when worn for an extended period. Also, the headband is adjustable so that everyone finds a perfect fit.

Clear sound

The noise reduction and cancellation technology enable the headphone to cut the unwanted ambiance sound and provide crystal clear and crisp audio clarity. Also, the 40mm drivers provide dynamic hearing experience.

Easy charge

To charge the headphones, place them back on the receiver, and then you are good to go for the next 20 hours.


The headphones weigh only 635 g and can easily be carried around in pouches and bag packs.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Quality

One downturn about the headphone is that it’s sound quality is not up to the mark, and the sound curve on these has zero bass.


The headphones are light and easily portable, comes with voice mode and noise cancellation feature to provide better hearing experience, hassle-free charge with a battery life of 20 hours, comfortable earmuffs, 40mm drivers, and a wireless range up to 150 ft. All these features summed together make it highly desirable.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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