Sony MDR-7506 On-Ear Professional Headphone Review

Sony has a reputation for being one of the best. It has its audio system engineered to be a combination of strength, comfort, and practicality. Its professional earphones are used daily in broadcast & recording studios worldwide.

The MDR-7506 is a part of Sony’s range of professional headphones. It is built efficiently with the best available technology to give you a great listening experience, especially for professional use.


The Sony MDR-7506 is a closed on-ear earphone that comes complete with and gold-plated Unimatch 3.5mm/6.3mm adaptor, 9.8-foot cord ends in the gold-plated plug. The headphone folds up for storage while traveling. It has incredibly soft earpads with adjustable headband.


The Sony MDR-7506 is made with neodymium magnets, which helps it produce the magnificent sound. The 40mm drivers ensure powerful, detailed sound.

Frequency and sensitivity

The frequency response of Sony MDR-7506 is 10Hz to 20kHz, and the sound impedance is 63 Ohms. It has a sensitivity of 106 dB/W/m with a power handling of 1,000mW.


The closed-ear design of the headset provides absolute support. It also offers an outstanding reduction of external noises. It is comfortable while traveling as it folds up for storage in the supplied soft case.

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What Do We like

Made for professional use

Specifically designed and manufactured for studios, the Sony MDR-7506 is the best choice for professional use.

Good for long listening

The hassle-free nature of the headphone and the comfortable design makes it suitable to use for a long time. It is built with care to not hurt your ears because of a tight headband. It has the right size to fit everyone perfectly.

Carry pouch

The headphones are foldable and it comes with a pouch whihc makes it very conveinent to carry around and travel.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed


The Sony MDR-7506  is an ideal choice for a studio as well as regular use. The frequencies are caught by Sony MDR-7506 entirely, be it high bass or mid lows.

The comfort of the headset is remarkable. The headset looks stylish and cool. It has excellent features that are sure to satisfy the needs of its user’s smooth music experience.

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Hetavi Rudani

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